Vegan Chocolate-Covered Spoons

Sometimes the simple things are just in order. Everybody knows that Valentine’s Day is the holiday of chocolate,so these spoons fit perfectly into the categories of:




Vegan Chocolate-Covered Spoons

{A fancier way to make a cup of hot chocolate}

Perfect to romantically serve to your loved one while you snuggle with each other next to the fireplace. Too bad it’s literally in the mid 70’s here though, otherwise this would come in handy for the winter weather that is supposed to be here. But hey, I am not complaining by any means! Dining outside for dinner at night, taking walks down to the beach mid-afternoon, and wearing flip flops throughout the duration of the day always makes me so grateful to live in California. Have I done a sufficient enough job rubbing it in yet?

Vegan Chocolate-Covered Spoons

Hot Chocolate in a Spoon Recipe

Makes 3 spoons


  • 1/4 c. mix of dark chocolate chips and Enjoy Life chips, melted
  • 3 spoons

For Spicy hot chocolate:

  • 1/2 tsp chili powder
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp cardamom
  • 1/4 tsp ginger
  • pinch of cloves
  • pinch of nutmeg
  1. Combine all spices together. Add to melted chocolate.
  2. Garnish with a piece of candied ginger and dusting of chili powder.

For Peppermint hot chocolate:

  • Add 3 drops of Peppermint oil or extract to melted chocolate.
  1. Garnish with crushed candy cane.

For Salted hot chocolate:

  • Several pieces of rock salt
  1. Simply garnish with rock salt on top of melted chocolate in spoons to set.


  1. Using a spoon, scoop up melted chocolate (with whatever flavor you choose) into porcelain asian soup spoon. Garnish and place into freezer for 10 minutes. Remove and allow to set.
  2. To serve, use your favorite heated non-dairy milk, and stir spoon into cup.

Don’t allow the end result to fool you. It will look a bit clumpy like this:

Vegan Chocolate-Covered Spoons

But it is tasty, none-the-less. So maybe this recipe doesn’t get a thumbs up with the final product in terms of presentation, but the taste factor is there. You can always cover it up with some soy whipped cream or top with some Dandies marshmallows.

Vegan Chocolate-Covered Spoons

This last shot is just to get a last look at that cup.

I love these mugs. I got one for “C” and “G.” They make me happy. {On an entirely separate subject, come back tomorrow for an update on my raw food adventure… which is also something else that makes me extremely happy}

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  1. Such a cute idea :)

    Please tell me how you manage to reply to all those comments !

    • I just so appreciate every comment that I make the time to respond, really :) I know that it takes effort to not read the post but then to comment so I make sure everyone knows how much it means to me! xo

  2. Love them, so cute!

  3. love these! i think you’ve been reading MY mind because i’ve been dreaming up something much like these… :)

  4. miss rub a dub rub.. california girl! ok i envy all the sun and warm weather, but i cant take the summer heat. so i am happy in cold seattle with its mild and beautiful summer.. now if only we get some less cloudy days then i am perfectly happy!
    ohh those hot chocolate spoons are such a cool idea.. i can make some of these for hubbs for his coffee breaks at work! and i can control the spice levels for days when he is working too long… evil laugh!

  5. GR! Why didn’t my comment go through earlier? I LOVE THESE!!! You are so clever!

  6. Man, as long as it tastes good, no? At a cafe I used to work at we would serve the hot chocolate as just a glass of hot steamed milk, with a bar of home made chocolate on the side in a spoon shape…. so you could dip your spoon in and play with it, nibbling away as it melted into liquid YUMMMMMM.

    Love your little additions… I would totally dig the salty one… I have problems with salt, mmmm salty goodness. Love your new little picture, cutie :)

    • Okay, now I wanna know where this cafe is and I want a cup of homemade cocoa now! How cute is that???
      I have problems with salt also, that is, I eat waaaaay too much of it :) You as well? Oh, and thank you for the sweet picture love! xo

  7. What a fantastic idea! I’d have such a hard time not just sticking the spoons straight into my mouth, particularly the chilli one!

  8. I love this post, the simplicity of the creation and the fact I can get the children involved in making some for their daddy for St Valentine’s Day. In fact I reckon the children could even make a few of these for their most special friends too.
    I may ‘have to’ go out and some sweet porcelain spoons. I’ve often looked at them and never been able to justify buying them as ‘what would I use them for’? Thank you, my dear… now I have that reason! 😉
    Will your man be hope for St V Day?

    • That should have read * and BUY some sweet porcelain spoons.

    • Yay Nina! I know I say it often, but I am always smiling when I see your name :)
      Yeah, it’s funny because I got these spoons back in the summer but I have no clue why. ha! I have used them only once in pictures but then it when I wanted to do this recipe, I figured how lovely these would make for gifts too! So glad I bought them afterall…
      Greg won’t be home for V-Day :( But I might get him back before St. Patrick’s Day :) ha.

  9. I love EVERYTHING about this post

    1. The fact you used the word Snuggle
    2. Hot Chocolate is the best
    3. your tasting/hot cocoa spoons are SO adorable
    4. you are adorable with your C & G Mugs – totally somthing I would buy, I can’t wait to hear where you got them cause’ I am loving the pattern
    5. This post makes me want to live in california, drink hot cocoa with you while snuggling by the fireplace and shop at anthro all day long


  10. Fabulous mug. I’m seriously glad I read through that post because I thought the peppermint spoon looked an awful lot like radish. I was starting to worry about your sanity.

    • BAHAHAHA!! Dawn, you are too much. A radish?? Thad put the biggest smile on face–at that point, you would know that I was really allowing this raw food stuff to get to my brain :) xo

  11. I’ve been itching to make chocolate spoons, these look so fun!! I love the sound of the spicy one :)
    Those mugs are adorable!!! Did you get those from anthro?!?…
    Ps jealous that you are wearing flip flops while I’m wearing clunky snow boots and slipping on icy sidewalks :) what can I say, its all for the yogurt! Xoxo

    • I absolutely got them from Anthro. Shall I get you an “N”? :)
      You might be jealous of the flip flops but I am jealous of the Frozen Moose. You are chasing your dreams, which is far beyond any good weather can fill! So proud of you.

  12. I love those spoons and love this idea! What a great, simple, beautiful way for a holiday treat. I keep meaning to seek out the best place to pick those up, did you find those anywhere special? I like when you get an amuse bouche at restaurants served in them too, which I’ve always thought would be classy to serve to dinner guests at home!

    • Hi Heather! I got the spoons from World Market and I believe they were only $1 each. When I went to Austin last weekend, we had a 5 course GF/Vegan taste menu (ammmmaaaazzzziiinggg!) but they served us first with a beet and apple salad in these spoons. So delightful! Makes you feel fancy huh :)

  13. Those mugs are adorable! If I didn’t already have an abundance of coffee mugs, I’d ask you where you got them and buy them for myself. But don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. Well, I do, but I have no self control. So DO NOT TELL ME, CARA REED. In other news, I’ve always loved chocolate spoons – my Oma used to buy the spoons that were made in a chocolate mold, and I always hated them becuase they dissolved in less than 2 minutes. These are genius! I love you.

    • Oh come on, as if you have to guess where they are from! Where do I buy ALL of my stuff for the kitchen??? Anthro. Duh. They are only $8 too :) Buy one! Buy one! xo, Cara

      • STOOOP! I almost clicked the link earlier, but I don’t even want to know. Because I’ll find an excuse to buy the entire alphabet. Biatch.

        • hehehe <–evil snickering. You totally SHOULD get the entire alphabet. That way, whenever anyone comes to visit, you can always accustom to their name :)

  14. I. Love. It! The ginger and spices one looks especially interesting. Your cup is awesome! And you’re killing me with the flip flops! That was hands down my favorite thing about California. I can’t tell you how often I wish I could wear them in the winter here… Alas… 30 degrees and raining just won’t cut it… :( If you want to snuggle up and drink hot chocolate, you could just turn on the A/C! :)

    • This is yet another reason why you need to move back to California (aside from being closer to me, of course) :)

      • Flip flops, Disneyland, and Cara… :)

        • I will let you go to Disneyland by yourself. I cannot stand that place…

          • I’ve only been once, on a Tuesday, in the winter. For free. No lines. No money. It was awesome. When I found out how much it would have cost, my first words were, “It’s not that awesome!” But now that I have kids, I know they would love it. When/if we ever make it back down there, we are definitely going. And maybe Legoland (which we also did for free once upon a time) and probably SeaWorld or the Aquarium of the Pacific. And the Wild Animal Park (We used to be members but I’ve got a friend who can get us in here for free). Who am I kidding? We’ll have to stay for a month!

          • I love me some San Diego so I would totally go with you there! But Disneyland: the Crappiest Place on Earth? Meh.

          • But… it was… free?

  15. i love these! simple, but delicious and indulgent.

    ps- i’m super jealous that you live in california and can walk on the beach in your flip-flops whenever you want.

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