Raw Cheesy Noodles

From what I hear(and what I am personally experiencing),people who stick to a raw diet will encourage you to keep your meals simple. I, of course, have been Pinning like a madwoman all of the incredibly beautiful raw foods that my brain cannot fully comprehend–seriously, there are some talented chefs out there! Once I get a dehydrator, I plan on becoming a crazy raw machine–making each and every recipe that I have saved thus far. Until then, I am stuck with these awesome Raw Cheesy Noodles:

Raw Cheezy Noodles - Fork & Beans

Which is actually not a bad consolation prize, really.

But really, if you haven’t checked out my Pinterest, you must! On my “Raw ‘To Make’ Recipes” Board there are some of the most amazing foods on there that you would never know were raw! Like:


Beautiful Cheese Spreads



and wait for it…wait for it…


Raw Cheezy Noodles - Fork & Beans

Raw Cheezy Lemon Herb Noodles Recipe

Makes 2-3 servings


  • Kelp noodles

For the cheeze sauce:

  • 1 c. cashews (soaked for 2 hours)
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 1/2 tsp. lemon zest (reserve 1/2 tsp for garnish)
  • 1/2 tsp Nama Shoyu (or use GF soy sauce)
  • 1 Tb nutritional yeast
  • 1 green onion, thinly sliced
  • 1 Tb parsley
  • 2 sprigs rosemary
  • 1 Tb olive oil
  • 1 Tb water
  • pinch of salt
  • microgreens (to garnish)
  • chopped parsley (to garnish)


  1. In a high-speed blender, place all of the ingredients inside and blend until smooth and thick. If the sauce is still too thick, you can add more water or lemon juice; 1 tsp at a time.
  2. If you want your noodles to not be cold, place kelp noodles in a ziploc baggie, making sure it is completely sealed. Place in a warm water bath until the noodles have warmed up a bit (you might have to refresh the warm water).
  3. Combine noodles and sauce, stirring well. Garnish with parsley, microgreens, and lemon zest.

Raw Cheezy Noodles - Fork & Beans

Healthy, raw goodness in 20 minutes.

You can’t really beat that, now can you???

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  1. Mariana says:

    me encanta! I love it!! :)

  2. I am months behind your post, but I made your recipe today to eat after my run. DELICIOUS! I loved it, as did my husband. Wonderful, wonderful recipe, and I am going to add to my regulars! Thank you!

  3. Kelp noodles? Raw pizza and bread? I must say, I’m intrigued by such things

  4. Cara, this looks wonderful. What a delightfully pretty dish of food!

  5. Yum that looks delicious! Can’t believe it’s raw!

    I’m so excited you are coming on saturday, we have so many fun things planned. Looking forward to meeting you!

    xo, Kelsey

    • It’s pretty incredible what is raw these days!
      I am excited for the meetup as well Kelsey. Cannot wait to meet you too. Must go buy an outfit today :)

  6. I adore raw pizza! Someday when I get a dehydrator, it will be the first thing that I make. I’ve always been hesitant about kelp noodles because I hate sea vegetables so much. Nori makes me gag. But I see that you don’t taste a particular flavor with the kelp noodles, just a delightful crunch. I’ll have to give them a shot! (Like some of your other readers, I tried the tofu noodles and was very underwhelmed. They have a gummy texture and a weird smell.) It looks like you’re having loads of fun with your raw adventure!

  7. I haven’t had a chance to comment on your raw journey much, but I’m crazy excited about. LOL I’ve been wanting to eat more raw, so I’m psyched to read about your adventures.

    I really need to get some kelp noodles because this cheezy recipe looks yum! I quit doing flour pasta months ago, but I’m always up for a sub. (Spiralized or slivered veggies are a pretty good stand-in, but I could go for something different.)

  8. i dont know if i want to try the rubber band noodles… but the ones in the pictures dont look that chewy.. i do need to make some fun cheesy sauces and also dabble in some nut cheeze.. i love that raw pizza.. how crazy is that! though if i get a young coconut i will just eat all of it before waiting for all the prep.. good old days of sipping coconut water and finishing every bit by scraping the fresh coconut.. and then getting yelled at by dad later in the day, for being seen hanging out with bf with a coconut.. come on dad …canoodling wasnt even allowed in public.. so the only thing we were doing were sitting, talking, sipping and maybe brushing fingers.. ahh teenage crushes.
    for some reason your posts always stir some really old memories:))

    • P.S. Just to clarify, these kelp noodles pictures are not the rubber band noodles. These are crunchy and delightful (everything opposite of rubber bands) :)
      Hehehehe–I love your flashbacks, Richa! Now you are inspiring me to sip some coconut water and brush fingers…

  9. I am now officially on the search for those noodles! Super quick and easy- love those type of recipes for dinner :)

  10. I love kelp noodles! Cafe Gratitude has 2 amazing kelp noodle dishes, which I’m sure you’ve tried already. So delicious!

    • You know, dare I say, I have yet to eat at Cafe Gratitude. There is one in Culver City that I pass every Saturday–I will have to go in there now, in honor of you :)

  11. Damn! Way to rock it, Cara! I’ve always been shy about kelp noodles, but you’ve inspired me to give them a whirl.

    What kind of dehydrator do you want to get? I have a 9-tray Excalibur – the thing works like a BEAST, but it’s pretty huge and takes up a lot of counter space. I like it because the heat is lateral, and doesn’t come from the top or bottom of the unit, so I don’t really have to move trays around to make sure everything gets dehydrated evenly. It’s like the raw foodist’s crock pot – set it and forget it! (Just don’t forget it for too long or you’ll come back to vegetable-shaped pieces of paper on the trays.)

    • I tried kelp noodles before the fancy pants raw chef??? YES! One point for me :)
      I was looking into the 9-tray as well, although a friend said the same thing about it being a beast. Do you think the 5-tray is comparable or just stick with the 9?
      P.S. How’s the blog coming along? :)

      • +2 for you! You have a sweet blog and you rocked the kelp noodles before I have. I’m still planning some things out, so I hope to live in a month or so! I’ll let you know before I tell anyone else. :) One place I’m really failing is the name.

        If you’re not planning on making a billion things at once and you love your storage/counter space, the 5-tray should do the trick just right. However, if you’re ever planning on doing some catering or food prep where you would need to make 300 macaroons or 9 trays of kale chips, then go with the 9-tray. Decisions, decisions! I wonder if the 5 tray may work a little more efficiently for a party of one since there’s less room for the hot air to fill inside. I ain’t no scientist so I don’t know nothing about them airs.

        • I’m doing a happy dance right now. TWO points! You are way too kind :) But let’s be clear, I’m totally taking both points indeed…{ha!}
          Okay, so now you have me thinking the 5-tray is probably better since I don’t foresee making 300 macaroons anytime soon, nor am I a fan of kale chips {yet, that is}. <–Is that illegal to admit? That and I also don't care for the taste of raw zucchini. I feel like those are raw staples and I just angered the raw gods from above by saying that… ooopsie.
          So feel free to email me any of your raw-certified meal ideas :) Just saying… ha.

  12. coldandsleepy says:

    Yum! Well, any food you can make in 20 minutes or less sounds good to me right now… So maybe I’m not the best judge… But this looks good!

    I can waste way way too much time browsing pinterest… So many people out there are making good & interesting food and taking pictures of it.

    • Especially for you! With 2 little ones and a husband, efficiency and fast is key :) P.S. Still cannot comment on your blog :( I try everyday though {and am still reading}…

  13. i find the search for raw recipes never really ends. the possibilities are endless! & i need a dehydrator too. i’m seriously craving raw pizzas. ps. did you know you can make noodles from a zucchini using a lemon zester? it’s true, i’ve done it and it totally works!

    • You know, Rachel, I’m finding that I cannot really stand the taste of raw zucchini–it makes me a little sick. I wish it didn’t though because the possibilty of using it as pasta is wonderful… Bummer.

  14. Wow. The whole “nut cheese” thing totally broke my mind! What an awesome idea! *sigh…* I love the Internet…

  15. I did kelp noodles with raw Asian almond butter sauce earlier this week. I did lightly steam the broccoli that went on top, though. Raw broccoli and I don’t mix all that well.

    • Yuck, I hear you! It tastes better too when steamed, in my opinion. So jump into the kelp noodle discussion Deanna. Do you think it has a strange flavor?

      • i’ll jump in, i’ll jump in! i’m quickly becoming kelp noodles biggest fan! although they really do impart no taste {in my opinion}, their light, crunchy texture is so refreshing! i really wish my husband hadn’t just run away to england with my camera so that i could do some kelp lovin’ posts!

        i’ve tried the tofu shirataki ‘noodles’ and am not a fan – they’re pretty mushy. i’ve also tried the yam noodles {also called shirataki just to confuse us!}, but only out at sushi restaurants. they’re definitely uber chewy so i get the ‘rubber band’ thing caitlin’s friend spoke of and i’m not really a fan of them either.

        • You *should* be doing some kelp posts! Use a regular ol’ point and shooter like me :) You must not deprive me of Cupcakes and Kale posts! For how long???

  16. I’m a pinterest newbie and I can’t figure out how to find people. I did a search for the board title but it only came up with two very empty boards related to raw food. Any suggestions?

  17. I keep wanting to do this but with no Nama Shoyu or soy products or nutritional yeast for that matter. I have tried it with lemon and garlic which was OK but not exactly cheezy. I’ve also seen a lot of raw recipes which use Rejuvelac and just found out how to make them without wheat berries. So I’m thinking one might be able to use it in place of the nutritional yeast. Next, find kelp noodles just as soon as the pinballs in my brain quit whizziing around. Did you know there’s a neon “TILT” sign on my forehead? Sourcing all this stuff makes it light up. Oh, and whoops, yummy picture as always.

    • Hey, what did the doctors say yesterday? I have been thinking about you all day…

      • oh no laurel ;( what’s wrong?

      • You’re both sweet. Apparently I caught a Very Nasty Virus that lasts at least 3 weeks and is laying healthy people low. I’ve been taking GSE, vitamin C, Echinacea/Goldenseal/Elderberry, Liquid Silver and could not breathe. So I finally threw an entire head of garlic into the juicer with some greens and the sucker broke. He put me on oxygen anyway but said I’d done amazingly well considering and I’ll be weak for a while. Funny thing is before I juiced all that garlic they were planning a series of IV’s. I think it’s time for more juice. Dracula doesn’t stand a chance.

  18. I need to try kelp noodles again! I made them once in a variety of ways and only liked them in a stir fry, I should give them another go with this cheez sauce :) it looks yummy!!!!

    • Yeah, I’m thinking it’s the heating up process along with being coated with sauce that might make them better. Do you find they have a particular taste, Nora?

  19. I’m kind of curious too…. though I must admit: I have tried tofu shiritaki (sp??) noodles before and kind of didn’t like them. But the descriptor “cheesey” makes me want to go out and buy a new blender NOW and try this. And hey, look! I changed my gravatar!!! And also, thank you for turning me on to soupaddict.com. LOVE that site too!!

    • Isn’t Karen awesome over at SoupAddict? I want to move in with her so I can eat all of her food. And I am giggling at the gravatar–cute! Love it.
      Kelp noodles, I am finding, don’t really have much of a taste. They really serve more as a texture item–they are super crunchy. I don’t mind them at all but maybe some might find that they need this dish warmed up a bit in order to enjoy it? I would definitely try it out! xo

  20. do you like kelp noodles? one of my friends recently tried them and did not like them at all. i’m kind of curious, but when i’ve seen the packages at the store, i’m a bit turned off by the fact that they’re packed in water.

    the cheese sauce looks delicious. definitely going to be trying it 😉

    • I really cannot taste the noodles, to be honest. They are very mild but they offer a great crunchy texture that I like. The ones that I get are not packed in water, in fact, I don’t know if I have seen any in water? Hmmm…. Curious.

      • They’re called konjac noodes, are packed in water and have to be rinsed several times out of the package. I have some in my fridge but whenever I see them I have to hide under the bed.

        • Are they soy based Laurel?

          • No. They’re some kind of giant Asian yam. They make jellies out of it too. It’s supposed to zero calories and soak up whatever you flavor it with but kind of chewy unlike a regular noodle. That’s what I’ve been reading and that’s why there’s a monster in my refrigerator.

          • It’s like “Ghostbusters”–strange gurgling noises and lights are coming from your fridge. Be careful! They might turn you into a dog demon named Zuul…

      • haha- yes! exactly what laurel has stated. they are in the fridge section of whole foods where the tofu/miso/etc is. it grosses me out.

        my friend said they didn’t taste like much but hated the texture..kind of like rubber bands..which, let’s be honest, who wants to eat something that resembles rubber bands?

  21. I love the cheese sauce recipe! I bet it can be a great dip for veggies or even a great salad dressing!

  22. I think all I’ve seen lately is raw food and pizza. You’ve got my interest piqued on the raw, I will look up your board on Pinterest! Also, order some kelp noodles, your recipe today looks yummy (and sounds yummy based on the other ingredients!) So I may try some raw recipes, and try to make a pizza.

    (If you do a raw pizza, I will love you forever. Well… I already love you forever anyway for just being awesome and all.)

    • Okay so you HAVE to check out my pinterest because there happens to be a raw pizza that looks AMAZING (just like the real thing!) See what I mean? Your mind will be blown!! Go now–I cannot say anything further until you look…


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