One of the benefits of switching over to my very own .com site is now having the ability to showcase and be sponsored by what I believe to be some of the best gluten-free products out there on the shelves.  One of the products that I am most proud to be sharing with you is a company called Vigilant Eats:


One of my favorite meals of the day is breakfast. The only problem is that I don’t always have the opportunity to sit, eat, and enjoy it since I tend to work early in the morning. I am always looking for a great-tasting, healthy on-the-go breakfast that will fuel me throughout my morning. Sure, these oatmeals to-go seem like your typical oats but when given a second glance they are anything but. No need to microwave this cereal, in fact, you can simply add cold water (with the option to use hot water or non-dairy milk). And here’s the kicker: it comes with a spoon inside–perfect for the busy mom, work-out pro, or just the average Joe who is looking for a great breakfast on-the-go! Certified gluten-free and made with some of the tastiest, most healthiest ingredients like maca powder, goji berries, hemp flour, and cacao nibs, this oatmeal is a guaranteed pleaser (and boyfriend approved).

Check out all of the flavors:








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