The Conscious Cleanse

If food is our medicine then I am certain that I have been poisoning myself. I am the first to be honest and admit that I haven’t been watching my food allergies as I should. Sometimes when you get to a place of health you begin to think that you are fine now and it’s okay to slip in this food and that food, and then before you know it you are back to some very bad habits (along with some new ones). I have watched my body get sick again. Sick like I was prior to starting this blog. It has gotten pretty bad in the past 6 months. Nothing too alarming, just the same ol’ same ol’: massively bloated belly (I can barely fit into my jeans now), stomach pains in both my lower and upper abdomen (for me, pain in the upper means dehydration; pain in the lower means it’s something I ate), excess of gas, feeling lethargic and more flabby, and worst of all I am just not comfortable in my body.

When I started to see this I really tried to go back to the good habits that use to keep me healthy. We started eating all of our meals at home with the exception of a few meals out. I was making going to the gym a priority. I saw a few changes but not enough to feel better. My stomach was still raging war with me. I was perplexed because I always knew what I needed to do to get back on track and now even that wasn’t working. So call it serendipitous, call it perfect-timing–whatever you call it, I was so grateful when Jo and Julie contacted to test out their cleanse.


The Conscious CleanseLet me be clear if you do not already know this about me. I am not a cleanse kind of person. If you were to rummage through my fridge you would think that I eat healthy–full of leafy greens, almond milk, and good-for-you produce. I buy more fresh fruits and vegetables than processed foods. In fact, I make the majority of my food from scratch. However I don’t like to drink smoothies. I don’t drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning. I don’t consciously try to avoid sugar though I also try not to over-indulge. I don’t do juice cleanses. I don’t like cleanses. I just avoid anything in the extreme.


Which is why I loved the sound of this cleanse.


The Conscious CleanseFor two weeks you eliminate a list of foods including sugar, alcohol, caffeine, gluten, and dairy. You can eat as much as you want, when you want. It doesn’t require an all-liquid diet  (I like chewing my food!) or anything crazy that I know I would have a hard time adhering to in my daily life. Plus you get easy access to your health coaches, an incredibly helpful manual and book to guide you, conference calls, and access to a Facebook support group to connect with amazing people in the same boat.


It’s already been Day 4 into the Transition of the Cleanse (I love how they gently lead you into the cleanse five days prior) and already my stomach has gone down and I feel lighter and fresher (despite these headaches from not drinking coffee, ha). I’m not going to lie, this is going to be hard for me. I’m already experiencing resistance which I find funny because, well, of course I am resisting this! That’s me to a T. But already I am discovering how I can talk myself out of something before even trying it so I am going in with an open mind. Who knows, maybe Fork and Beans might shift a gear or two after this…


Follow me on Instagram where I am doing a day-to-day overview of what I am eating, recipes, and how I am doing. I would love to see you over there! And also go check out the Conscious Cleanse site and see if this is something that maybe you would like to do as well.

Wish me luck!



**Please note that I have not been compensated in testing out the Conscious Cleanse. Everything I experience and say is directly based off of my own personal opinion.

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  1. Cara,
    I also like the idea of this cleanse. I have tried fasting before (juice only) and I think I made it barely over a day and I was so nauseated that I couldn’t stand it any more. Since you are a few days in, do you think this cleanse would be do-able for a busy college student without much time to cook? Like are there ways you can make a bunch of things on one day and eat them that week? I’m trying to talk my sis into doing the cleanse with me (just with the book, college kid can’t do $200). I have been doing pretty well with sticking to my diet, I have even cut out a lot of the sugar I used to eat, and I use honey and maple syrup to bake. I call it re-calibrating the sweet tooth :) I have a hard time cutting out the coffee and the alcohol (especially when the weather is nice and sunny!). I have found that I usually encounter unknown dairy sources in restaurants, I don’t think I’ve gotten “glutened” in a long long time. I do still use regular vanilla in my baking however, do you have a certain brand that you use?
    You have inspired me :) Even if I’m not on the cleanse wagon right away, I want to make a conscious effort to make myself better, eat healthier, and exercise!

    • Hi Megan!
      Yeah, I’m right there with you. I can’t do things in the extreme because the chances of sticking to it is slim. I do think that the Conscious Cleanse IS doable for you. For me, I am finding myself drawn to smoothies, juices, salads, and soups more than anything (which are all easy to prep). I love the idea of doing the prep work ahead of time also (I should totally do that). The coffee and alcohol I thought would be the hardest but the truth is that I, at this point, have lost my cravings to alcohol (my beloved wine and scotch!) and coffee doesn’t sound good. In fact, the smell of it is what I like more than the taste right now. I make Matt his coffee in the morning, take a whiff of it and that is enough for me. That has been surprising! What I truly love about this cleanse Megan, are Julie and Jo. If you can at any point, I HIGHLY recommend saving up to do with the group. It has been so inspiring and awesome to hear from everyone AND hearing from all the health coaches on hand, ready to help. But I get it, it’s a lot. At the very least buying their book is spectacular and you will love Julie and Jo’s voices and thoughts towards cleansing and how it isn’t about being perfect. They are gentle and remind you to be the same on yourself. Can’t wait to hear how things are going for you! If you need anything else, just let me know…xo

  2. Yay! Good for you, Cara!! :)

    I have definitely been feeling the same lately – not on track with my eating and paying the price for it. I am looking forward to more inspiration from your experience with the CC!

  3. hippymomelizabeth says:

    Hey you Im doing well I use to juice all the time about 7 years ago then I got really into green drinks but my NEW gastro doc is doing major testing on me this week, I did pass my celiac test, but I was told my other docs have been doing my testing wrong and have had to start over with new conventional doctors, I can not have food really until Wednesday night because it could mess up my biopsies this week and I guess I eat tons of fiber which mess up testing, what has help sooth my g.i. track is slippery elm it soothes your stomach areas and all the way down and I take glutamine for tissue repair and a essiac tea, plus a tons more stuff, I bet slippery elm would help you if It doesn’t not contradict your celiac, I have no idea about celiac so proceed with caution if you want to try,(find out if its right for you) I dropped another 6pounds and am trying desperately to stay in the 120’s Im5’9. I cant wait to be able to eat something soon, I can eat cooked veggies right now only!!!

    • Ugh, so many testing! When will it end and when will the feeling better (and eating food) happen again, right??? I’m so sorry to hear this! It’s not fun to continually be in a state of sickness and not feeling 100%, I get it. Sending you tons and tons of love and healing energy! Cooked veggies ain’t cutting it…ha.

  4. Oh,good for you Cara! I can’t wait to hear how it all goes. I’ve tried those types of cleanses before but I don’t usually make it past a day or so – and it tends to be caffeine that gets me back first :). The most I can do is a modified juice fast for a day. But I hear ya – with me it’s my weight creeping back up to where it shouldn’t be. It’s shocking how quickly things can revert when we’re not paying attention, so it’s time to make some changes… Good luck! xo

    • I’m surprised that I am taking this well actually :) A few days before I was ready to stop and found myself resisting it but when I decided to allow myself to feel that way and just explore, it’s been wild what I am learning. Today is Day 1 and I’m already feeling great. Still have low grade headaches from no caffeine (I love my morning coffee!) but I feel energized from other things (juices and smoothies) that coffee never really did for me. You are right thought, those changes in our body happen quickly. Before I knew it I gained a good 12 lbs. Eek!

  5. Thank you so much for your honesty! I can totally relate to the food struggles you’re going through as I have experienced many of the same problems. I often feel like I’m the only one in the world dealing with these kinds of food issues. Though I’m not really a cleanse person myself, you’re post has truly inspired me to “get up”, “dust myself off” and get back on track of eating the foods that make me feel good and not become lax on those foods I know my body doesn’t tolerate.

    • Nope, so NOT alone in this Cheri :) It’s a battle that happens on a daily basis but what I am learning in this cleanse is how I can convince myself to not do something before I even try it and how I really need a heaping spoonful of gentleness and kindness towards myself. Please let me know how things are going for you Cheri! I’d love to hear an update…xo

  6. So proud of you! You are taking such good care of my friend :)

  7. Okay, so this is totally weird!!! You know why? Because the girls keep complaining about their tummies hurting – but they don’t exhibit other symptoms. Last night – as in 24 hours BEFORE I saw this post – I decided I was going to take out dairy (for the Coco and Caralie) and gluten for all. But then I thought that there is NO WAY I can ask these precious little girls to do this WITHOUT me doing it too. So we start tomorrow! Yay! If you find any yummy smoothie recipes that the girls can have, let me know. I checked out this Conscious Cleanse but am interested to hear if you glean anything good that you can pass along!

    Love you, SISSY!

    • I cannot wait to hear how the last 2 days have been for you. When you are here we will have to make sure that we are trying out new places–yay, can’t wait! xo

  8. Crystal says:

    Wow!! Cant wait to hear about this! :) Good for you!!

  9. I have to admit this makes me feel better about myself! How sad is that? It seems like you eat PERFECTLY and youre so tiny! I totally assumed you ate salads and quinoa all day EVERY day. Not that I should compare but its hard sometimes. I am sorry about your digestive woes! Good luck with the rest of the cleanse

    • HAHA! Not sad at all, very human actually :) I love your comment Nik–it was so honest and open and I appreciate that incredibly! Comparing is so easy to do yet so detrimental to our well-being. It’s something I do often as well and I’m looking forward to the cleanse as I learn to love and accept myself as I am. I WISH I eat like you envision I do every day, though maybe I just might start now (though I have always been jealous of the people who do because I could never). ha. Thank you for the luck–I’m going to need it. Much love, xo!

  10. Good luck, Cara! Eliminating that list of foods is always very beneficial to me. Of course, I’m always gluten free, but the others tend to creep into my diet more than is healthy for me, too. :-(

    Thanks for sharing with us, dear. No doubt your impact will go beyond your own health! xo,

    • Thank you for saying that friend! You are such a sweetheart. Glad to hear that you have been through this as well. Might have to lean on you in the midst of the next 2 weeks…

  11. Hi Cara

    Well done for gaining the courage to actually speak about your this and to do something about it! I’ve not made a sweet dessert for ages, my blog is seriously lacking in desserts recently. I rarely eat sugar but I overindulged at Easter and wow did I pay for it!

    Lots of luck on your cleanse – you will feel better for it and I look forward to all your new posts!

    • Yeah it will be interesting to see if Fork & Beans starts a new focus. We shall see! I have to get through this summer and the themes I have already planned and go from there :) Thank you so much, Vicky, for the luck!! I cannot believe how better I already feel. It’s definitely worth keeping up with :) xo!

  12. Hope it brings you some clarity as well as a flat belly. <3

  13. You are inspiring! Because you speak the truth. God honors that!


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