Vegetable Flower Bouquets

Skip  buying roses and give these veggie bouquets to your sweetie.

Since my Candida diagnosis I have been trying my hardest to create new habits that invoke a more calm environment. Stress has the natural way of triggering back my symptoms (come to think of it, stress can trigger any symptom can’t it?) and I am not about to go through some of the health issuesContinue…

Love Bug Bites

Love Bug Bites b

What ever happened to the days when kids would go door-to-door-to selling things? I never see this anymore. It’s probably for everyone’s good because 1). I know I don’t want to deal with answering the door and telling them that I have no money or interest in ordering a subscription to Seventeen magazine; and 2). IContinue…

Allergen-Friendly Valentine Ideas

Allergen-Safe Valentine's Candy

Pink and red hearts are vomiting all over grocery stores, filling the aisles with candy that 1). I cannot have; b). I cannot have; and 3). I know makes me feel horribly so I don’t even want. But just because *I* cannot participate in the exchanging of sugared-up love notes, doesn’t mean *you* cannot either.Continue…

Sugar Free Chocolate Bars

Sugar Free Chocolate Bars 2

  Have you ever heard a song that brings you back to a specific space in time that you can almost taste in your mouth? (If so, I am so curious to hear what it is)… For me, the other day I was listening to my iTunes and this song, “American Stitches” by Richard WaltersContinue…

No Bake Cake Pops

V-Day Raw Cake Pops 3b

  I’m still very new to going sugar free and it’s something that I am trying to embrace. Can I be honest? It’s been an incredibly fun journey. I will let you giggle at that because it sounds ridiculous at first thought. This is the girl who used to thrive over creating copycat treats intoContinue…

Vegan Chocolate-Covered Cherries

Vegan Chocolate-Covered Cherries - Fork & Beans

Another reader request, this time Kelli asked me to create vegan chocolate-covered cherries–you know the kind with the gooey white filling? I took her idea and put a twist on it and methinks these are even better than just your typical chocolate-covered cherry! What’s so different about these, you ask? Oh, great question–thank you for asking