Gluten, egg, and dairy-free Rainbow Donuts

Isn’t there something about foods that are either mini or rainbow-fied that instantly makes them all the more adorable/tasty/appealing? If you answered yes to this question, then today is your day. Imagine a world that is full of both mini {and} rainbow-colored foods. What about a world full of gluten, egg, and dairy-free rainbow donuts! Kids would eat everything on their plate; Adults would scream with glee! It would be sheer mini-colored bliss…

Gluten, egg, and dairy-free Rainbow Donuts

Maybe this is why I have been giggling all morning. Mini donuts that are also in rainbow formation? {giggling} Can they get any cuter? The perfectly bright and colorful food to kickstart my 2 weeks celebration into St. Patrick’s Day {The rainbow is loud and proud!}

Gluten, egg, and dairy-free Rainbow Donuts

Besides, they are donuts…which, I mean, do they really need any other selling point than that? I didn’t think so either. THEY’RE DONUTS!

Gluten, egg, and dairy-free Rainbow Donuts

Rainbow Donuts Recipe

Gluten, egg, and dairy free

Makes 12 donuts

  • Get ingredients list here {omit toppings list and use only the donut batter}

You will also need:

Food coloring:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple

For Icing:

  • 1 c. powdered sugar
  • 2 Tbs hemp milk (or other non dairy milk)
  • dash of vanilla extract
  1. Add all ingredients together and stir until thick and smooth. If too thick, add little by little milk. If too runny, add more sugar until thick enough to not run down donut when setting.

Assembling donut batter:

  1. Follow instructions from recipe, except divide dough into 6 bowls {you should have approx 1/3 c. of batter in each bowl–will be enough to make 2 donuts per color}. Add 1 color per each bowl and mix until well combined.
  2. Place each color in a separate Ziploc baggie. Cut out one corner and pipe batter into mini pan. Everything else is the same with the directions as given.

Gluten, egg, and dairy-free Rainbow Donuts

Happy 1st day of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day over here at Fork and Beans. Let the festivities begin…

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  1. Oh yes! great. I’ll try w/o the gum it’s so expensive! I’ll let you know how it goes!

    • Aw bummer the donuts turns out super dry and crumbly the batter was runny after I mixed everything. I tried to add flour to thicken but maybe the xantham gum was necessary. Also the bottom halves of the donuts turned brown How did you get yours to stay all the same color!?

      • Rats!!!! Oh the power of xanthan… However, youdo always want more of a runny batter than regular wheat flour batters–that is what will keep it moist while baking. Sometimes when it’s crumbly like that is a good indicator that there is too much flour. GF baking is such an annoying thing at times–learn curves galore! And about the browning on the bottom, it might be your pan, is what it sounds like.
        Sorry Karina that it was a fail. Welcome to the frustration club, however :) This has been my life for the past 8 months… xo!

  2. Hi Cara! I’m gonna try these today. I don’t have a mini donut pan they are a little bigger so I hope it works! One question in the recipe it says substitute regular flour for xantham gum. I can’t afford the xantham gum haha! Which flour exactly do you mean to substitute? Brown rice, sorghum or actual real flour? Thanks!

    • Karina!! Ohmygosh, your pasta is sitting here staring at me as I write this, by the way. Am I horrible or what at sending things??? Eek.
      For the recipe ingredients, what I mean is if you are not gluten free, you don’t have to use the flours, starches or xanthan gum that I listed–just use wheat flour. You can totally try it without the gum, just keep your fingers crossed :) Does that help with your question?

  3. These look amazing and so yummy! Definitely going to make 😉

  4. I have a mini doughnut pan. You have a recipe. Nothing can stop me now!

  5. Inspiring and adorable !

  6. Oh I will taste the rainbow and then some with these donuts. Just look how good they look. Yup.. I’m in love :)

  7. Ugh, those are so effin cute!!!!!

  8. So cute, so colourful, I went and finally ordered a doughnut pan from eBay (Amazon doesn’t like international purchasers, for almost all things interesting). BUT, not sure I can wait for the pan to arrive and will have to make them using my mini ‘toasted sandwich’ style doughnut press.
    This weekend is a long weekend for us. Canberra Day holiday on Monday, my **uttered in hushed tones** 40th on Tuesday. Think I need to make some treats. :)
    Thank you for more inspiration.

    • *shouting* FORTIETH??? Girl, you should not be shy about that–you not only look AMAZING but you need to be celebrated!! Here’s to wishing you a beautiful ushering in of your birthday.

  9. You never seize to amaze me. Kudos to you . :-)

  10. I absolutely love love love these!!!! How fun!!!! I totally agree that food is so much more fun when it’s mini size PLUS rainbow colored and with sprinkles!!! Another one of the zillion reasons why you are amazing :)

    • It’s the utter trifecta, isn’t it? I mean, this could be like the atom bomb on enemy territory. The bad guys come to attack and BAM, rainbow donuts. Transfixes everyone into a daze of awe and then we throw a net over them and win. Hooray. I should win a Nobel Prize for this idea :)

  11. Ah!! These are adorable!! It would make me so happy all day to have a breakfast that fun :)

  12. Just another thing you will be making when you are here, Kookie. I have the pan though. No worries. :)

  13. Too cute!!! With an ADHD partner and an 18 month old I may have to stick to the natural colouring options me thinks…. bouncing off walls? Yip, you bet (the 35 year old more so than the 18 month old…. seriously it’s like I have 2 kids)

  14. Completely adorable and delightful as usual. You got the colors so very perfect. Love!!! Now I’m sitting here thinking, “what else can I make and color in rainbow colors? all must be rainbow!!”

    • Lizzie, you and me both! We have rainbow fever, me thinks. I was told that I am taking it too far when I tried to make a rainbow in my water bottle…

  15. You don’t mind if I sing the whole score to “Finian’s Rainbow” here on your blog today do you?
    LOOK,LOOK,LOOK TO THE RAAAAAAAINBOW. These are very very pretty!

  16. i am mesmerized by those colors.. esp the dark blueeeeee.. i dont now how u r going to out do these blissfully pretty bites.. but i am sure u will..super cool start for st paddys! i need some more color in my food!
    i love that logo too.. who can i bribe to get me some fun new logo!

    • Aw, thanks Richa. You can actually pay me for a new logo :) haha. I actually did it through this weekend. It didn’t take too long seeing that there is not much I can add to it, but it didn’t needed a pick-me-up.

      The colors ARE pretty incredible, huh? What is it about rainbow colors that are just so much fun?? Speaking of food, making your Aloo Gobi right now!

  17. Ooh yay, time for St Paddy’s treats! You are so right about mini baked goods being so adorable…and cover them in colourful sprinkles and their cuteness factor goes off the scales!

    • I am knee-deep in green foods currently…I need more rainbows now. And minified options, you are right. Oh, and covered in sprinkles. Goodness, it looks like I need more food coloring and sprinkles :)

  18. So much fun- they remind me of fruit loops! I love your theme weeks, I cannot wait to see what is at the end of the rainbow- sorry that was really corny 😉

    Mmmm I am also really loving the icing and jimmies ontop- I would be happy eating just the tops of these donuts!

  19. forget the $20 rent, THESE can be your rent. vocal lessons included.

    ‘taste the rainbow’ made me smile, and these made me squeal. I want I want I want!!

  20. You MADE those?! I’m in awe…

  21. That is SO cool and they are so pretty! You are one clever fork, Cara. I love this post :)

  22. Me: Look at those rainbow colored donuts!
    Boy2: Dey look like cereal!
    Me: Yeah, but they’re donuts!
    Boy2: Dere DONUTS?!
    Me: Yeah, rainbow colored donuts!
    Boy2: How dey get colored?
    Me: She put food coloring in them.
    Boy2: Look! Dey have frosting and sprinkles!
    Me: Yep.
    Boy2: You have to make one.
    Me: I don’t have a pan.
    Boy2: Well you just buy dem (donuts).
    Me: But they don’t come colored.
    Boy2: Well you just buy one and make dem colored!
    Me: I don’t think it works like that.
    Boy2: Den you have to make one.

    You know where this conversation is going? Another pan in my cupboard…

    • I am laughing so hard right now!!! I knew where that conversation was going the moment began and all I can say is… YOU’RE WELCOME! :) haha

      • Now, we’re discussing which superheros are real. Apparently, Boy1 told him that when “all de kids grow up” superheros would be real! Try explaining to a 4 year old that Superman can’t be real, but Iron Man could when his answer is, “But (Boy1) TOLD me!” This is going to be a long day.

        • Give it up now Brooke, Boy 1 will always carry more weight than mom. Boy 2 will NEVER believe YOU over Boy 1. Cut your losses, now while you still have some dignity left. 😀

          • I suppose it is cheaper to buy a donut pan than a certain red repulsor powered suit…

          • True, and at least Boy 2 has handy access to his favorite super hero should the need arise. I’d rethink the red though, it attracts mad bulls. Maybe purple?

          • I guess it always depends on where you are buying them…

  23. I woke up to rainbows this morning. Not only that, they’re edible, with sprinkles! Now I know what’s in the Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold. I can’t wait to see what else you associate with St. Patrick’s day. Somehow, I don’t think it’ll be Colcannon, nor Corned Beef and Cabbage come to that. I have a sneaking suspicion you have shamrock shaped cooking toys lurking in your demesne, which I’m sure are endless.

    • You and your big words impress me :) hehe. And Beef was totally on the to-make list but seeing that you guessed it, I will have to change it…rats!

      • Ah c’mon those are just Princess Fork’s lands and holdings. Speaking of which, I pinned this 20 minutes ago and it’s already been repinned 13 times! Oh, and please don’t change a thing for me, you’re perfect on your own. xo

  24. Alright, that is just way too cute! Love them!

  25. I love how moist and delicious your donuts look!! Oh man! I’m so excited to see what other wonderful creations you will create to honor St. Paddy’s Day. *My boy* (my first love, my brother) his birthday is 3/17. There was a time it was special but that was a lifetime ago.

  26. So pretty!!!!

  27. You are making me realize that I not only NEED a donut pan but I NEED a mini donut pan. Stat. Need.

    These are awesome!

  28. i LOVE the pictures of the donuts frosted with the rainbow sprinkles on top! you’re right- they are so adorable and brighten my day 😉 i can’t wait to see what else is up your sleeve for st patty’s day!

  29. So sweet! They are beautiful. Also, is it my imagination or did you update your logo/blog look?

  30. Those look gorgeous! I think you are right about the rainbow thing… I think you are the pot of gold at the end! (Thanks for all the tasty, gorgeous recipes!)

    • I think the only thing that resembles a pot of gold on me is the fact that I am so pasty white, that I *do* happen to sparkle brightly :) haha. Thanks for this beautiful comment! xo

  31. Ahh these remind me of that toy all little kids have with the rainbow donuts you are supposed to put in order from largest to smallest on the stand. Know what I’m talking about? lol. So cute!


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