I’m not even kidding when I say that this gluten-free vegan Kit Kats candy makeover has been 2 years in the making. Over the past 24 months I have been retiring the idea that there is a gluten-free wafer-like food item that is easily accessible to most people that could be placed inside the mid section of these candy bars. That is until a few days ago.

Rice Chex!

Homemade Gluten-Free Vegan Kit Kats - Fork & Beans

Now I know some of you have your opinions about Rice Chex and if it is a serious issue, use Nature’s Path’s Oaty or Heritage Bites (they are GMO free but not gluten-free) or you can even try them with their Corn Flakes. I haven’t tried it with the corn flakes yet but I assume it would give a nice little crunch. For me, I don’t make it a habit to eat cereal for breakfast (I’m way too obsessed with my waffles) so the thought of 6 pieces of Rice Chex in my homemade Kit Kat Bars doesn’t make me bat an eyelash. But that is just me. Do whatever you need to do to make these gluten-free vegan Kit Kats possible though!

Homemade Gluten-Free Vegan Kit Kats - Fork & Beans

Homemade (gluten & dairy-free) Kit Kat Bars
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Total Time
1 hr
Total Time
1 hr
For Fluffy Chocolate Middle
  1. 1 c cashews
  2. 1/4 c raw cocoa powder
  3. 1 tsp vanilla
  4. 2 tsp agave
  5. 3/4 c water
  6. 2 Tb melted coconut oil
Additional ingredients
  1. Rice Chex cereal
  2. 2 c melted non-dairy chocolate
  1. For the Fluffy Chocolate: simply place all of the ingredients into a high speed blender until smooth and fluffy (takes 3-5 minutes). Place in the fridge while you are assembling everything else until needed.
  2. In an 8x8 parchment paper-lined pan, coat with a thin layer of chocolate.
  3. Line with Rice Chex cereal as seen in the picture above.
  4. In the 3rd layer, thinly coat with the fluffy chocolate middle. In order to even spread the mix, use the back of a spoon and GENTLY spread with an easy hand.
  5. Freeze for a good 20 minutes.
  6. Coat with another layer of Rice Chex. You don't have to, but I found it helpful to try to line them up as perfectly as possible, this way it was easier to cut straight through the vacant spots.
  7. Coat with the last layer with a thin layer chocolate (do not throw out the remainder chocolate--you will need it for dipping later) and place in the freezer. **Do not allow it to completely freeze because you will need to score the chocolate (remember the lesson from here about scoring: http://www.forkandbeans.com/2013/09/15/homemade-vegan-heath-bars/).
  8. Wait until the chocolate has *just* started to freeze and take a knife to mark where you will be making the incisions. Remember, I went along the lines of the empty gaps of the Rice Chex and made long vertical marks.Cut about half-way through. Freeze for another 20-30 minutes at least. If at any point the candy begins to melt again, simply place back into the freezer.
  9. Remove parchment paper out of the pan and cut through the candy completely.
  10. Melt the remainder chocolate if needed (make sure it's not piping hot!) Quickly dip the sides of the candy pieces into the chocolate for every piece and allow to set on a of parchment paper. Freeze again until set and then EAT!
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I can rest now.