I have several memories from my childhood

of going along with my mother to her place of work.

Back in the day,

my mom worked as shoplifting security for a popular clothing store.

{This was when 2-way mirrors were the thing

and someone stood behind it, watching for shady folk}

Heart-Shaped Sugar Cubes - Fork & Beans

That was my mother behind the window.

One of my favorite stories was of her chasing down a shoplifter

while wearing high heels.

That woman is hardcore.

Don’t allow the adorable exterior to fool you.

If she catches you stealing, she will chase you down.

In pumps.

And a cute 2 piece skirt suit.

I like her.

Heart-Shaped Sugar Cubes - Fork & Beans

Okay, so there is a point to why I am bringing this all up.

Yeah yeah yeah, I’m getting to it…

I got sidetracked.

So among my many visits to my mother’s workplace,

I remember sugar cubes.

Lots of sugar cubes.

I’m not sure if these are as popular as they were back in the 80’s,

but it was a very common thing to have a box full of sugar in the shape of cubes

to plop into your tea or coffee-filled styrofoam cup.

Heart-Shaped Sugar Cubes - Fork & Beans

Except I never wasted my time watching it melt into hot beverages.

No, I put that thing right into my mouth.

On a special day I would nibble it slowly,

savoring every sweet bite.

Healthly, really.

Heart-Shaped Sugar Cubes - Fork & Beans

When I saw this recipe on ehow I knew it would be a fun thing to do for Valentine’s Day!

Heart-Shaped Sugar Cubes Recipe

makes 30 sugar hearts



  1. Combine sugar and water together. The texture should resemble wet sand. If the mixture is too dry, add a little more water. If too wet, add a little more sugar.
  2. Add food coloring and mix until completely combined.
  3. Place spoonfuls of sugar mixture into heart candy molds. Press down with your fingers, making sure it is niced pressed into its shape.
  4. Allow to sit for 3-5 minutes in tray. Taking a cutting board, place on top of tray and flip over so the hearts will gently pop out onto the board.  Do not touch at this point–Allow to sit for another 60 minutes to harden.

Heart-Shaped Sugar Cubes - Fork & Beans

These days, I no longer put sugar in my coffee or tea

{nor do I eat it straight up either}

but I am sure some of my friends do…

which is why they will be getting a little baggie full of these cuties

this Valentine’s Day.

Maybe I will send a few to my mother as well…