Ashlae’s Cinnamon Roll Waffles

This is my homegirl, folks! {Yes, that’s right, I have a homegirl, so?!} The brilliantly talented Ashlae from Oh, Ladycakes is everything you want from a blogger: funny, full of spunk, talented in the kitchen, beautiful pictures, adorable, easy to talk to, wise beyond her years…shall I keep going? Because I can… She even spells her name cooler than most! Don’t let her biceps fool you either. Yeah, she works out hardcore and could totally kick my arse, but she has THE biggest heart of gold. I love this girl so much and she deserves for me to shut my trap and for her to take center stage. So without further ado:

Hi, I’m Ladycakes. Err, Ashlae. But also known as the lady behind the blog Oh, ladycakes. And just so we’re clear, no one – except for the dapper dude who deemed me Ladycakes – actually calls me Ladycakes. Because that’s just plain weird. So anyway, I’m Ashlae. And welcome to the longest introduction ever.

Cara and I met in October 2011, courtesy of Vegan MoFo. Two months later, we decided to take our relationship to the next level and meet in person. And let me tell those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this woman in the flesh – if you love her on Fork & Beans, you will love her 100x more in person; she’s infectious and downright hilarious. Between you and me, I thought about tying her up and locking her in my closet. You know, so she’d miss her flight and be stuck in Denver, forever. In my closet. Because that’s not creepy or anything.

• • • • •

A few days after I moved into my apartment, I came home to a mysterious package sitting on my doorstep. I looked at it for a few minutes then decided to open it. Which turned out to be a rather daunting task, as Amazon quadruple taped the box (probably upon the senders request). It got even more mysterious when I finally made it through those layers of tape to find yet another box. This time, wrapped in blue paper. At this point I was confused; I didn’t order anything. I checked the label to ensure the package was addressed to me and – since it was – I began tearing away the blue paper, only to find.. a waffle maker! From Cara! Which means she actually listens to me when I talk. Because I’m fairly certain I told her a million times how much I wanted a waffle maker (ahem, only because she bragged to me about how she eats waffles every morning). So, should any of you have the opportunity to meet Cara in person, just mention how badly you want a new car. Then move into a new house and wait a few weeks for it to show up in your driveway.

 Ashlae's Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Sharing a waffle recipe during my guest post on Fork & Beans seemed like the right thing to do. You know, since the head woman got me a waffle maker, and all. I had every intention of sharing a healthy waffle recipe (made of banana puree, buckwheat flour, etc.) but Cara said healthy was boring. So I made up the most unhealthy waffle recipe I could imagine – cinnamon roll waffles. Topped with cinnamon brown sugar and smothered in creamy maple icing.

Ashlae's Cinnamon Roll Waffles
Thanks for having me, girlfriend.


Waffles1 1/2 cups gluten free flour blend1/2 cup oat groat flour½ cup flax meal

1/4 tsp salt

1 tbsp baking powder

1/2 tsp xanthan gum

3 cups almond milk

2 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp pure vanilla extract

Cinnamon sugar1/4 c. brown sugar1 tsp ground cinnamon

Maple icing

2 cups powdered sugar

2-3 tbsp water

6 tbsp pure maple syrup


In a small bowl, stir together the brown sugar and cinnamon; set aside. In another small bowl, stir together the powdered sugar, water and maple syrup; whisk until all clumps has dissolved, then set aside.In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the flours, flax meal, salt, baking powder and xanthan gum. Create a well in the center of the dry ingredients and add 1 ½ cups of the milk. Whisk vigorously until all clumps have dissolved, then add the remaining milk, oil and vanilla extract; whisk until combined then set aside (the batter will thicken a bit).

Heat your waffle maker and spray with cooking oil. Spread ½ heaping cup of batter onto the waffle maker, then sprinkle with about 2 teaspoons of the cinnamon brown sugar. Cook according to the manufacturers instructions, then serve with maple icing. Top with additional brown sugar, if desired.

Yield: 6 8” waffles

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  1. OMG I’m crosseyed from reading all these love filled comments. I love ehr Ashlae amd her ehr fathead blog too. it’s true, she makes me laugh. And now I’m hungry. I didn’t notice an exceptionally big noggin on Ashlae, but I did notice that you both have perfect hair. Does a waffle iron double as a flat iron. I need one of those, Cara. You have my adress, I’m sure.
    It’s still Attica.xoxo
    Please send waffles. The food here is questionable.

    • Did you just say that I have perfect hair? I think that is the first time anyone has ever said that. Oh the power of a good quality pic :) Shall I send some sharp nail files inside that waffle iron, or is the clink still not allowing that sort of stuff?

  2. blessedmama3 says:

    Oh, this is something that I would love! I like the fact that you both agree that sometimes having a good ol’ yummy waffle made soley for its delicious taste doesn’t always have to top the nutrition charts. Just make up for it with greens at dinner. :-)

  3. Those are some great looking waffles. Ashlae fits right in with fork&beans!

    That was so sweet of you to send her the waffle maker.

    I’m coming up with my “Christmas in July” f&b shopping list now! hehe

  4. These look insanely delicious. I love your “people you should know Friday” posts because it introduces me to all kinds of fabulous bloggers I didn’t know about.


    P.S.- You two are just about the most adorable things in the world.

  5. This was such a fun post! I adore Ashlae’s blog and it always features the most gorgeous pictures of food porn ever. Cinnamon roll waffles? Yes, please! Who wants to choose between the two best breakfast indulgences? Now you don’t have to!

    Cara, I think all of us are going to start planning the things we’ll “happen to” mention repeatedly when we see you. Let me practice… “Oh, Cara, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a dehydrator? Think of all of the amazing things a person could make. And what about a spiralizer? Wouldn’t that be grand for making raw noodles? Too healthy? How about an ice cream maker?”

    • You just named all 3 of the items on MY “I want” list. Wait until I get rich like Oprah and then I will be making all of your dreams come true :)

  6. FINALLY! Ashlae posted the photo to these waffles on her flickr and made me wait a whole week for the recipe. A whole week! And now she’s talking about keeping you in her closet?
    Is it just me, or do you think that Ashlae is secretly some evil villain, too?

    I think it is certainly fitting that a waffle recipe was posted. Being that I tried my first waffles because I saw them on here during MoFo. I’m not jealous about the waffle maker or anything though. Or I wasn’t, until Ash went and bragged about it on here.. 😀

    Oh, and I knew that you were going to mention your “big head” somewhere on here Ashlae. You don’t even have a big head! Or are you just trying to say that you’re really smarter than all of us because you have to have a bigger head to contain your bigger brain? (my brother had a big forehead when he was younger and used to tell us that it was because he was going to be a scientist).

    Uh, back to the waffles. I say, I have to make these after work tomorrow morning – whilst listening to some Madonna and sipping on my expired kombucha. Love you two ladies!! WOOO.

    • I think this is the world’s longest comment. And I want MORE of them now–but only from YOU! Aren’t you surprised that Ashlae didn’t mention her ass? I found that a bit shocking… Take a sip of that kombucha for me. I’m blaring up “Get Into the Groove” and doing the Tootsie Roll for you :) xo!!

      • Haha, yeah. I made it long on purpose, to make up for all the comments I haven’t been making on your blog lately. And because I got all excited about my two favourite bloggers being together in one place.
        But – you are being a little demanding about the comments now, Cara. I might just disappear again.. 😛

        OH I KNOW. I thought for sure Ashlae would mention her ass. Good thing we’re mentioning it for her, now.

        The Tootsie Roll? HA, what is that?

        • The Tootsie Roll:
          I simply gave you free reign on comment length because I heart you so. I don’t do that {ever} so considered yourself favored as well :) Please don’t disappear {starting to sweat}. I will do the Tootsie Roll for you everyday…

          • Hahahaha

            Thanks, Cara.

            I’m going to be playing that video on repeat for a long time.

            I heart you so too. I won’t disappear again.. :)

          • To the left, to the left… To the right, to the right… To the front, to the front…. To the back, to the back… Now dip, baby, dip. Dip, baby, dip…

    • FOR THE LOVE OF BABY JESUS – my head is huge. And I know it doesn’t mean I have a big brain, because when my brain was swelling after the car accident, the only reason they didn’t have to remove part of my scull was because I had more room between my brain and scull than most people. Big head, small brain 😉 AND YOU GUYS ARE JERKS. But somehow, I love you anyway.

      LET’S ALL GET TOGETHER AND MAKE WAFFLES!!!!!!!!!! I really want to visit Seattle. So Cara, you should roadtrip up there and we can eat waffles, listen to Madonna and drink expired kombucha. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

      And Izz, don’t you know expired kombucha will get you drunk? Yooooooou day drinker. I accidentally bought week old kombucha from Whole Foods a few days ago – gotta take that shit back, I don’t want to get sick.

      PS – thanks for mentioning my you-know-what so I didn’t have to. Wewh!

      • Party in Seattle! I am there. I’ll be the Tootsie Roll {I am obsessed now with doing this move} Me, Izzy, and Big Head. ha

      • Whaaaat? I’m glad you have a big head, Ashlae! Otherwise you wouldn’t have been okay after that accident. And Cara and I would be heartbroken.
        Seriously. But I still think that your head looks normal.

        YES! Please do come up to Seattle so we can all make waffles. Well, probably not at my house though..I don’t even live in Seattle. We can take over Richa’s house and make waffles. Or go to some breakfast place and ask if we can make our own waffles in their kitchen. And bring our own cd player with the Madonna CD’s and Kombucha.
        If I wasn’t shelling out $500+ a month on my car, I would so visit you guys. Seattle is cool, though. You know. The Grunge scene started here. We’re really cool.

        But of course I know expired Kombucha can get me drunk, Ashlae! That’s the fun part. But I did say sip – so I’m down with a slight morning tipsy. Better than coffee.

        • Take me to Eddie Vedder, you drunkard. Roadtrip. I will bring my flannel jacket and we will all crash out at Richa’s! Tell Chewie to be prepared to share his bed :)

  7. ooooh.. cinnamon roll waffles! and so pretty! i’ll have a bunch of those every day please.. and the car thing is a good tip.. though i do need a waffle maker.. i think i need a new car too 😛 and maybe a bunch of other things:)like a bigger house with a backyard:) that all.

  8. Ummmmmm…YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What a fantastic story!…and those waffles look mighty fine too! I’ve never attempted to make gluten-free waffles before. My GF friends are going to be stoked with this recipe. Thanks girls!! xo

    • I have a feeling that you will be a fan of the gf waffles too. I mean, cinnamon rolls!!! And waffles!! Slurp. These are dreamy.

  10. This is perfect…. I have a waffle maker that makes penguin shaped waffles. Hooray! You 2 ladies are beeeeeautiful!

  11. Your introduction made me laugh. Love the story behind the story. Also, your waffles look delicious! I haven’t had any gluten-free waffles before, but I have a feeling that will be changing very soon. Off to the waffle maker!

  12. I can’t wait to make these! I have twin stepkids and one loves cinnamon rolls, the other loves waffles- it sounds like we’re all eating the same breakfast this weekend! Thank you Cara and Ashlae!

  13. Ahha, a home girl… I’m afraid that, being sensible, I deal not in homegirls or homeboys… I’m glad you’re mad though, since these waffles look totally wonderful!

  14. You two are so fun and funny. Cara’s right of course, healthy is hardly ever fun and all I can say is it’s a darned good thing I don’t own a waffle iron. I’ll buy one at the waffle convention you two are putting together.

  15. How sweet are you for sending a waffle maker!?!? I totally agree with Ashlae – you are fabulous through your blog but even more infectious and wonderful in person! I wish I could have tied you up too and kept you in Denver longer :)
    As for these waffles, they look and sound awesome!!! Cinnamon roll waffles — YES PLEASE! I will have to check out Oh Ladycakes!

    • I have some sick friends, me thinks. All of you are talking about kidnapping–I should be more cautious about who I get into a car with… Truth be told, I think I should have taken you 2 back home with me! Now go, check out Oh, Ladycakes, and click “follow”! xoxo

  16. The list of things I must acquire is growing: tortilla press, dehydrator, waffle-maker. Yowza!

    These look fabulous!!!

    • Well, you Are moving soon so maybe you just might get one of those as a house warming gift. Just saying… {Hint: it won’t be the dehydrator though} ha

      • haha that thing is my white elephant right now. After move 2 this lady is kicking it into raw overdrive!! I’ve been thinking about how to waffleate in the raw. I’ve got some ideas.

        • When you figure it out, let me know stat! I have been thinking a lot about that too.

          • From what I’m reading raw baking reminds me of playing with playdoh. The dough consistency has to allow for mimickery. It’s going to have to be in the dough that will hold a “patty” shape, press in the waffle iron for shape, and dehydrate that bad boy.

          • Get it and work it, girl! I cannot wait to hear of the results.

  17. I think you should change your blog name from “Oh, Ladycakes” to “Wooooooah Mama!” Those waffles look fantastic! It’s also Cara’s fault that I have a waffle maker, but she didn’t send me one (jealous!) Maybe Cara’s true calling is Waffle Maker Salesman. Also, maple syrup icing makes me love you a little bit…

    • I was just going into town today to purchased a tie and coat for my new gig. Waffle Seller to the Masses. It’s hard to send you a waffle maker when you already bought one though… See what happens when you are proactive, Brooke? It gets you nowhere.

      • And a mustache. Don’t forget to grow out your mustache. Handy for salesmanship and also twirling…

        • Well since my favorite little man already commented to me that I have hair on my face (I had to explain to him that all people have hair on their faces), I think I am close to that mustache goal, apparently…

  18. love reading this post;)

  19. I think I may just tie you both up if I ever have the chance and force you to make me waffles and tell my funny stories everyday for the rest of my life – it is almost as if I can taste that maple cinnamon sugar icing that tops those very fabulous waffles.

    I have to say I am thinking Cara is definitely sweeter than those waffles :)

  20. Hi cuuuuutie! I’m a little angry you didn’t make the title “LADYCAKES INVADES YOUR KITCHEN WITH HER BIG HEAD. AND WAFFLES.” That would have been funny. But, I still adore you! Thanks for the sweet intro, but the heart of gold thing is really going to blow my “hardass” cover I’ve got going on.. thanks.

    • Well, seeing that A). Your head is not big; and B). I want nothing to be nice to you in public {private is a totally different subject} I most definitely was not going to say that. Besides it was late when I finally compromised on the title, not to mention that I was hopped up on NyQuil. Oh, and the hardass cover? Yeah, no one’s buying it. We all LOVE you!!! Me, even more. xo

  21. How is it that you know all of the coolest bloggers I’ve never heard of?! Ashlae is rocking my socks right now – loving her blog.
    And what a cute story about the waffle maker…. Cara, you’re so sweet! Almost as sweet as cinnamon-roll waffles… 😉

    • Ashlae and her blog are seriously THE best, huh??? Vegan MoFo gave way to introduce me to some of the coolest people out there. Like Ashlae said, make your requests now…Santa Cara is here to fulfill the wishes of young children everywhere :) ha

  22. Your biggest fan! says:

    Two of my favorite things – cinnamon rolls and waffles (of all things edible of course!) My mind told me I could actually smell them! They look really yummy! Great post ladies!
    Love the picture of the two of you BTW.

    • You are here early, Mommy! HI. I think you must have passed the waffle addiction on down to me…which I gladly thank you for. xo

  23. Yay. I have a waffle maker. And these sound delish. Win. Win. Win. You two girls are cuties. And Ashlae, I cracked up over the keeping her in your closet thing. No, that’s not creepy at all!!!!

    • Uh, yes it IS creepy! Hello? This is called kidnapping…and not to mention, kidnapping ME. haha. You would regret it anyway. There is not enough duct tape in the world to keep this mouth shut :)

  24. these are some delicious looking waffles! hey cara- i need a waffle maker, too.. :*

    and you two are so cute in the picture. i’m jealous that you got to meet..i wish i had known and i would have flown to denver for the occasion! 😉

    • Be on the look out next week in the mail. It’s not a waffle maker but a thoughtful something or other :) I had to wait to send it {you will understand why soon}. You are next on my “People to Meet” list. In fact, I might be your way rather soon… I will keep you updated!


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