Raw Cadbury Eggs

So here is the where the post for Raw Cadbury Eggs actually originally headed:

Raw Cadbury Eggs

These Cadbury Creme Eggs really turned out beautifully. If only things taste as good as they look.  Kinda like my Lucky Charms. I just loved their look but truth be told, there really is no turn-on for tons of powdered sugar. Same with these eggs. They just did not taste good. At all. I tried to create a recipe and failed twice and then I veganified this recipe {which yielded these pictures} but 3 cups of powdered sugar in a recipe = unedible, in my opinion.

Raw Cadbury Eggs

But I didn’t want to give up. It’s Easter, for God’s sake! Cadbury Eggs are a must, so I set out to make a raw version that was not only edible, but also didn’t leave a horrible aftertaste in your mouth. Oh, and were actually something that you would want to eat. Though they are definitely not as pretty, they are definitely healthy. Now that is something you could never say about Creme Eggs until now!

Raw Cadbury Eggs

Raw Cadbury Creme Eggs Recipe

Makes 3-4 eggs {depending on egg mold or preference}

Gluten, egg, soy, refined sugar, and dairy free/Raw


  • 1/2 c. cashews {or macadamia nuts would work better for color!}
  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 2 dates, chopped
  • 2 Tbs pure maple syrup or agave
  • 1 Tb coconut oil, solid
  • Raw chocolate {recipes below}
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric {for yellow coloring}
  • Chocolate egg mold {optional} OR toothpicks {for dipping}


  1. Place cashews and oats in a blender and grind until smooth. Add coconut oil, syrup, and dates. Blend until smooth and a thick paste forms. If it is too sticky, always add a 1 tsp of oat “flour” until you are able to handle with your hands.
  2. Seperate into 2 sections {you will want it to be a 3:1 split}. The smaller section will have the turmeric added to it for the “yolk.” Mix until completely colored.
  3. Roll yolks into a ball and flatten out the whites.

4.   Place the yolk on top of the white and roll the white around the yolk. Shape into an egg shape {if you are using an egg mold, make sure that it is small enough to fit into the mold. Or if you are dipping them, shape them any size}:

For Raw Chocolate:

  • 1/3 c. coconut oil, melted
  • 1/2 c. raw cacao powder
  • 2 Tbs maple syrup or agave


  1. Blend in a blender until smooth.

Coat your mold with chocolate if using. Place egg into the mold, close with other side and freeze for 10 minutes. *Or* place a toothpick into the bottom and dip into bowl of chocolate. See the directions from here to get an idea what the process would look like}. Allow to set on wax paper.  Freeze 10 minutes.

Raw Cadbury Eggs

Here’s to a gluten, soy, egg, refined sugar, and dairy free Easter!

Raw Cadbury Eggs


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  1. They look great. Yummy. I just featured them on my blog :) http://www.colorfulcanary.com/2015/04/colorful-raw-easter-recipes-no-bake.html

  2. i may have a solution for the 3 cups of confectioner’s sugar in the original version. Whenever a recipe calls for confectioner’s sugar, i sub half to up to three quaters of that amount with arrowroot powder. it has no flavor of it’s own. my suggestion would be to follow your original recipe using only 1 cup confectioner’s sugar and 2 cups arrowroot powder. you might be pleasantly surprised!! i’m going to be trying this for Easter this year.

  3. I just happened upon your recipe for Cadbury eggs while looking at vegan desserts. I don’t eat a vegan diet but I am just starting out on a healthy whole foods eating way of life and have been seeking out recipes. I love this recipe except I haven’t been eating any grains starting out. I’m doing an elimination diet. I wonder what would work in place of the oats. Another thought I had was the addition of flaked coconut. I love coconut and I thought that it would really enhance the flavor with the chocolate and nuts. Once I’m past my initial weight loss phase, I will have to try something like this. Turmeric has some good health benefits as well. Good choice. Thanks for sharing your recipes. I’ll have to check out more of them. I liked this one because I don’t eat soy, dairy, or gluten. Just up my alley. :)

  4. Oh how I needed this post before Easter! FABULOUS

  5. I just made them. It took like ten minute. ZOMG they’re awesome. Thanks!

    • So easy right??? I am so happy to hear that you like them!! xo

      • yodogpodcast says:

        This recipe gives me so many great ideas! I just made peanut butter balls with it:

        1/2 c. oats
        1/4 c. peanuts and another 1/4 of cashews + raw pine nuts
        2 dates
        couple teaspoons honey
        tablespoon or so of peanut butter
        dash of salt
        couple tablespoons coconut oil

        blend oats & nuts in food processor until super fine and combined, set aside
        chop dates in food processor, add honey, peanut butter, salt, coconut oil and blend, then add dry ingredients
        form into delicious, delicious balls and freeze on wax paper.

        for the coating
        1/3 c. coconut oil
        1/4 c. raw cacao powder
        1/4 c. peanut butter
        1 tablespoon honey

  6. I totally agree with all the other comments…I never liked Cadbury creme eggs as a kid, and I doubt I would now either. Your raw version looks so much more appealing and who wouldn’t like a dessert that makes you feel good after eating it! I love how you coloured the middle – I actually thought the whole inside was made out of quinoa when I first looked, which might actually taste good too!

  7. Fab recipe and so healthy. I have looked at many of the others and been put of by the amount of powdered sugar also. First time i’ve found your blog, now must go and check out your other recipes!

    • Hi Sandra! I so hear you–sugar makes a pretty product but lately, it does not make a pretty stomach…glad to hear there is someone else who feels the same way! So happy you found your way over to my little ol’ blog :) xo, Cara

      • Yes, I would say that “eating cakes only because they`re nice for eyes and bad for stomach is to be like buying goods only for their pretty wrapping(rubbish nicely wrapped with nothing valuable there..! Isn`t that spot on!;))

  8. I would rather have the healthier uglier eggs than the pretty ones ;)! I cannot justify eating powdered sugar in large amounts either, so I am loving your raw version of these eggs! They sound so delicious :)!

    • I am totally with you on that one, Amy! Some people don’t mind lots of powdered sugar, that is why I added that recipe but it’s just not my thing. But that raw ones are such a great twist on a classic fav. And easier on the belly too :) Thanks for the sweet comment!

  9. These look so darn good and decadent. I love it. And you know I would be eating the chocolate :)

  10. Yay!! You made Cadbury eggs! It’s my dream come true. :) I have to try these guiltless Cadbury eggs! They sound great, and I like that you used turmeric for coloring.

  11. Waw! Your tasty raw chocolate eggs look incredibly tasty, apart & lovely too! You are so creative, much healthier too! 😉


  12. Totally agree – the powdered sugar version looks SO good and authentic but I wouldn’t want to eat a mouthful of that stuff. I LOVE your raw version, it looks much more heart and satisfying to eat :) loving the natural food color too- way to go!

  13. Holy Smokes…I had to take a look before I went to bed.

    They look so amazing and legit!

    Every post keeps getting better and better as you keep pushing harder.

    Move over Martha…Here comes Fork & Stewart

    Very Proud of You!

    • Fork & Stewart? You crazy! Besides, you should be in bed shouldn’t you, Babs??? But I love your comments so on second thought, don’t :) Love you!

  14. Aww… I hate it when something turns out beautifully but tastes aweful! Bravo for not giving up though – I love the idea of making them raw! It looks devine to me!

    • Isn’t it a bummer? Especially when you have such high hopes for the recipe. But I guess these “failures” breed new triumphs, right? xo

  15. umm..excuse me, but i think the healthy version are SO MUCH lovelier than the gross, powdered sugar version. they resemble larabars, and since i’m a hardcore larabar fan, i love these!

    when i was little, cadbury eggs were like crack to me. i LOVED them. but, nowadays, i’d take your healthy treats over the powdered sugar “pretty” version any day of the week.


    • That’s my girl! Tney are rather kickass aren’t they? I was so happy with how they turned out :)
      Isn’t it funny how completely DIFFERENT you have become as an adult??? The things we did as kids…

  16. These are totally my kind of treats.. you couldnt feed me the sugar filled version even with a gun to my head!
    i love the grungy look of the raw ones so much better than the prim and proper sugary smarty pants. beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder .

    • I think there is also something to be said when you can make Cadbury Eggs from raw ingredients–it makes it all the more impressive and cooler, you know? Who said eating raw or even just eating healthy has to be boring and ugly? :)

      • totally true girlfriend! that is some amazingly impressive creation! raw cadbury eggs! i made a bunch of the 1 minute cakes with extra cocoa, more decadent, with a chocolate in the middle so it looks like a lava cake( and it was oh so delicious) and half the peeps in one get together didnt want to finish it just coz they found out there were oats in it.. i need to run in a different circle! i love yummy healthy stuff!

  17. I know what you mean about the sugary creme eggs. I made some last year and it was like eating a sugar cube, bleaugh! How was the texture with the oats?

    • The oats basically just made it stick together without being sticky to work with. The texture wasn’t too chewy–I liked them! Definitely different from its original version but good in its own right :)

  18. Not as pretty, but taste is the ultimate consideration. What an awesome idea! You always do the coolest things.

  19. Cute! I’ve been making “eggs” too… for my little friend with super bad allergies.. oh how fun it is to play with food :)

  20. I posted pictures of my attempt at this recipe, and linked back to your blog. I hope you don’t mind the Vegan Fairy Godmother reference! http://applecoconutlove.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/raw-cadbury-eggs-from-my-vegan-fairy-godmother/

  21. Wow I was just looking at Cadbury Cream Eggs in the store and wishing I had a healthier vegan version to enjoy. Now I do! :)

  22. You are a genius! I saw this in my inbox this morning and had to make it immediately! I made a few substitutions (coconut flour instead of dates, because I don’t have any; coconut milk instead of coconut oil, because I ran out of the oil) and these still came out super delicious! I also sprinkled some turbinado sugar as a finishing touch, and to give the shell a little more crunch. Oh, and I made them with macadamia nuts. Thank you for this amazing recipe!

  23. Clever, genius, beautiful lady!

  24. I love this!!! These look delicious. I can’t wait to give them a try. Cadbury eggs are always a must at Easter :)

    • And even more so now–healthier versions are a must, right? Thanks for the sweet comment, Pumped Pumpkin :) <–love that name!

  25. Reblogged this on Pure and Simple Bakes and commented:
    I can’t wait to try these – they sound fab and a great alternative to a normal creme egg! :)

  26. So creative – I love it!

  27. It’s just not Easter without Cadbury Eggs! Bokbokbokbokbok!

  28. since I am not really a Cadbury fan, I squealed at your raw version! that in turn made Basil jump up and wag, then he’s in my lap looking at the photo.

    you’ve done it again, Miss. love Love LOVE

  29. I was just thinking earlier this week I should look for a vegan Cadberry egg recipe. But, when I found one, it wasn’t anything is eat (or even make to share w friends). Thanks for the ideas on this one!

    • I totally hear you! It’s one thing to recreate something for the novelty of it but it’s another thing to recreate it to enjoy it. At least with this you can feel good that you are feeding your body something healthy.

  30. I don’t even like the originals, but your healthy version looks pretty darn good.

    • The original is really sweet and well…just plain ol’ sugar, huh? Yuck. I cannot even believe half of the things that I used to eat and actually thought I liked! Thanks for the comment, Shane! xo

  31. ninaherbert says:

    You, are amazing! Think I may have mentioned that before, mmm.
    My children has never had Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, well Cadbury’s anything, actually.
    Thank you for making a raw vegan alternative. I’ve been procrastinating about what to make for easter. I have a few silicone egg moulds so I’ll give these a go.
    Thank you, you clever thing. :)

    • Heck yeah! Easter treats for the kiddos. And thank God they have never had Cadbury Eggs! I cannot believe that I used to eat those things–they are so bad for you…

  32. Alexiasana says:

    gosh amazig! I love how creative you are!

  33. you’ve got skills, girl! awesome job recreating a classic for the better! I agree, too much sugar is always eeeek

  34. Have I told you lately how absolutely amazing you are – not only did you recreate a classic easter treat, but managed to make it – say what, HEALTHY! You are too awesome Cara, when I have kids can you please move to NH and make them all these healthy treats, everyday :)

    Love , love this easter treat series :)

    • How about when you have kids, you can move into my California mansion? I will just have to call you when I actually get a mansion :) xo!

      • Um YES I like that plan – you have approximately 2 years give or take to get working in that Mansion :)…you know just in case you needed a timelime- or better yet maybe you and greg could build a summer mansion on the coast of Maine :)

  35. The top ones certainly look closer to the Cadburys eggs however I would much rather eat your raw version! They look really interesting and a much more interesting variety of flavours!

    • That is what kills me–that tops one are so pretty yet SO nasty! I couldn’t even stand it. At least now your arteries won’t clog with the raw version :)


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