Bloody Mary Popsicles

Summertime, from the adult’s perspective, can be a bit bleak. As the sun shines through the window, the weather beckons us to come outside and play. Unfortunately we are stuck inside an air-conditioned office, sitting at our desks being “responsible”, longing for the days when we were carefree kids with two months of sleeping in, summer camps, and playing with our friends. Adulthood can be cruel, can it not?

Bloody Mary Popsicles - Fork & Beans

Though this is no reason to be to depressed. As we have grown to understand, we always have the capability of controlling our own happiness. And right now, happiness is coming in the form of a popsicle filled with alcohol. How age and weather appropriate indeed! The thought then hit me the other day, “What would happen if I put my favorite adult beverage into popsicle form??” You know what I found? Heaven, that’s what. Make these tonight!


Bloody Mary Popsicles - Fork & Beans

So while the days of summer are filled with popsicle-stained faces running around the park, make your own adult version of this summertime classic. A Bloody Mary popsicle is just what every adult needs to feel like they are being transported back to the days of carefree living.

Bloody Mary Popsicles - Fork & Beans


Bloody Mary Popsicles Recipe


  • 1 1/2 c. pre-made Bloody Mary mix (alcohol not included)
  • 6 Tbsp. ginger-infused vodka (or use regular ol’ vodka)
  • 6 thin lime slices
  • 1 tsp. fresh ginger, minced (can omit)
  • 6 3″ celery sticks
  • 6 popsicle sticks
  • Margarita salt (optional)


  1. Combine Bloody Mary mix, vodka, and minced ginger in a cocktail shaker. Mix well.
  2. Pour into popsicle holders. Do not fill up all of the way–leave about 1/2″ to the top.
  3. Place lime slice in the middle of each popsicle.
  4. Freeze for 20 minutes or until it begins the process of setting. Place celery and popsicle stick in the middle.
  5. Freeze for another 90 minutes or until set.
  6. Run under warm water for 1-2 minutes until popsicles easily come out. Dust with margarita salt.


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  1. I took these to brunch at a friend’s house this weekend and they were awesome! Delicious and so freakin’ cute.

  2. So cool Cara! I know a few peeps that will totally flip over these at a Sunday Brunch!

  3. Honestly, I’m a tad scared to try this. At the same time, I’m very very intrigued.

    ❀ It’s Carmen

  4. Oh this absolutely settles it! I have to get some Popsicle forms for the freezer! This is fun and brilliant and a bit wicked all in one go… :)

  5. what delicious popsicles! i definitely love cocktail popsicles:) they’re just more fun!

  6. Love this idea! I can’t wait to invite friends over for brunch and make these.

  7. i love your brain! keep making this into that..:) i cant wait to make hubbs fave cocktail popsicle..:) i think its a cool idea to also limit the amount of alcohol consumption;)

  8. Oh Cara, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! These popsicles are too fun!

  9. Now that’s a f*cking amazing idea, sorry to swear, it’s so uncouth… I LOVE these, Cara.

  10. these look super fun! i’m more of a caesar gal than a bloody mary gal, but i think those are pretty canadian. in any event, they’re not vegan so i haven’t had a ‘true’ caesar in years and it’s been months since having even a veganized boozy one at that! hahaha. i’m with you & shira on the tonic slushies though! talk about thirst quenching 😉

    • I’ve never heard of a Caesar–looking it up now 😉 Bummer that you cannot partake in one of these pops…at least for several more months! CONGRATS girl!! How exciting–so happy for you :)

  11. What a great idea! I love Bloody Mary’s as well 😀 And I would have to agree…I feel healthy drinking them…weird lol

  12. So great! I am a huuuge fan of bloody mary’s! This post made me thing of all the other booze varieties that would be good in popsicle form. I’m thinking sangria :) I wish I had popsicle molds so I could attempt this!

  13. How cool! What a neat flavour combination! :) Yum!

  14. They look perfect for summer and your photography is absolutely gorgeous!-Julie

  15. I love bloody marys, and these sound perfect for beating the heat! Brunch popsicles, perhaps? :)

  16. I just Pinned these. They look fantastic!

  17. I just got push-up popsicle molds and am now envisioning a push-up cocktail. THAT does sound heavenly. Thanks for sharing! And I’m with you bloody mary’s are the bomb.

  18. Hahaha! I love this! Could you make me a gin and tonic Popsicle? Truly, this is brilliant and a great idea for our hot summer. Happy weekend to ya!

  19. These are awesome! But why use a stick when you could just use celery?

  20. Bloody Marys? Too Too Tomato. I’m with Abby. Throw some Vodka (potato, of course) into a blender with some coconut cream, pineapple and lime and whatever doesn’t go directly down my gullet can go into my putative popsicle molds. They’re on my list of ‘Cara’s Toys I Do Not Own.’ No. They’re on the list of ‘Toys Cara PRETENDS to Own Just to Make Everyone Else Look Like a Freak.’ xoxoxoxoxoxoox

  21. I feel like Veruca Salt. I want it now!

    • But daddy, I want an Oompa Loompa! haha. Sorry, that just brought me back to 5th grade when I was Veruca Salt in the school play :) xo

  22. I’m not into Bloody Maries (Marys?) but if you can devise a vodka popsicle, I’m there!

  23. You. Are. A. Genius! Pretty sure I now need some popsickle molds. NEED!


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