Vegan Easter Peeps

Easter Peeps are an enigma in the life of Cara {me}. Why did I just address myself in third person? And I love how I had to clarify who Cara is.

Vegan Easter Peeps - Fork & Beans

I want to like them, I really do. Every Easter, I pick a box of Peeps up and proceed to sniff them through their wrapper and decide whether or not this is going to be the year that I finally like them. But it ends in the usual manner: I take a bite out of it and then immediately spit it out. These are not the only foods that I have this strange dichotomy towards, mind you. I do this every year at Thanksgiving when I see those sweet potatoes with that marshmallow top. And cantaloupe. And eggs.  And Chex Mix. And…okay, you get the point.

Vegan Easter Peeps - Fork & Beans

But that doesn’t mean that I will be stopped from making homemade Peeps, oh no! I just spent the last minute explaining to you how Peeps are not my thing but that by no means affects my desire to create them Sure sure, I took a bite only to inevitably spit them out again, but no one said that I was actually sane. {This has nothing to do with the recipe, by the way. It’s only personal preference}.

Vegan Easter Peeps - Fork & Beans

Homemade Peeps Recipe

Gluten, egg, and dairy free

I followed this recipe {Thanks, Martha!}


  • 1 packet Naturals Dessert unflavored Jel {I used this} OR: 2 .5 tsps agar powder/2 .5 Tbs agar flakes/or 1 packet gelatin {whatever is your poison}
  • 1/3 c. cold water, plus 1/4 c. water {for syrup}
  • 1 c. sugar


Follow what Martha says.

Here is what your base should look like after the 8-10 minutes of mixing {yes! 8-10 minutes–that is not an exaggeration in the instructions!}

  1. I used a Ziploc baggie to fill up my marshmallow cream. Cut a 1/2″ slit into the corner. Pipe immediately!
  2. This is the difficult part. Start with the body base. Make it shape like an oval. It’s not going to look perfect so get over that now. I rolled sugar over it because it made it easier to work with.

3.   Pipe a head on the edge of the body base. Again, to make it easier to work with you can dust with sugar at this point. Pipe the ears and pray for the best. Finish the sugar dusting.

As you can see in the background, some of those bunnies are definitely the runts of the litter. Maybe not the best looking but who cares? YOU JUST MADE PEEPS!

Vegan Easter Peeps - Fork & Beans


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  1. What haven’t you figure out how to recreate?! You’re an absolute genius!!

  2. My sister used to buy Peeps, slit the cellophane, and leave them in her drawer for a month or two. She liked them just at the hard stage where you can snap off an ear like you would snap in half a stale piece of gum. The thing is, though, I would find her stash, not be patient enough to wait, and steal one or two at a time. By the time she went back to get her stale Peeps, they would be almost gone. Boy, she would be mad, and in those days you had to wait a whole year for them to come out again. Hey, little sisters are supposed to be pains in the patoot. I still like them – fluffy or stale, but I have an awful sweet-tooth. Vegetarian for over 45 years and trying hard to go full vegan. I’m close. Thanks for this recipe. I’ll have to make some for my sister in retribution for my childhood foibles. :-)

  3. Hey Cara, just tried the marshmallow fluff with the agar agar, but it didn’t fluff! Any idea’s what may have gone wrong?

  4. You are seriously brilliant.

  5. i do the same thing with pumpkin pie! every. single. year. i like pumpkin so it’s weird that i still don’t like the pie, but i keep thinking…one of these days…
    this reminds me of the definition of a crazy person (trying the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome). damn. sometimes my nursing career really comes back to bite me in the ass. telling me im loco.

  6. Such a fun post! If anyone could recreate Peeps but make them more adorable, it would have to be you! They look so soft and fluffy…is it weird that I just want to poke one? I think I would be like you and not actually eat them, but they look like they would be fun to play with – maybe take them outside or build them a bunny house :)

    • It wouldn’t be weird at all–in fact, I had more fun just squishing them :) haha. You are in good company, for sure. *currently making a graham cracker bunny house now*

  7. OMG. Those look super cute Cara.

  8. Peeps and Dandies. My vocab is expanding. I have tried a peep. Very sugary texture. Store bought. I just thought they were all baby chicks, peeps. I’m learning.

  9. Woman, I am all *about* peeps. We are clearly not as in synch as I though we were… I’m having a mental reassesment of our relationship… OK I’m done. I still love you. :) these are too stinking cute! Do I say that every time? Whatever, they still are… When I saw them in the inbox I figured you used Dandies. I will have to look for Naturals Dessert. But the big question is, Do they make good s’mores?

    • It’s not you, it’s me…
      Honey, you can say whatever you want every single time. I am always just so happy to see your face pop up so I will take it! You can even say that I have a mustache and you hate the smell of my armpits…
      And I think they would make excellent S’mores! In fact, these homemade Peeps were much more bearable than the store bought {which means you will like them!}

  10. I’ve never liked PEEPS either and I don’t bother trying every year. These looks cute, though. I’m sure they are better than the original.

  11. I’ve never understood the allure of Peeps either! I really only enjoyed marshmallows three ways – in s’mores, in hot cocoa, or as part of a marshmallow fluff and peanut butter sandwich. Just having a mouthful of squishy marshmallow wasn’t my thing, even though they looked cute and festive. Yours look adorable! Well done!

    • A marshmallow fluff and peanut butter sandwich?? I have never tried something like that, let alone heard of that combo. However, after much consideration, that sounds like it could be such a delightful treat :)

  12. The first Easter I had here in America, I didn’t have a clue what Peeps were. But then I went into a grocery store with my mum one day and there was this HUGE Peeps display and I remember thinking- “Gee, who makes a display out of bright yellow marshmallow chicks?”. And then I saw the Peeps name, and I was like “Ohhh. So. These are Peeps” And I stared them down for a bit. We bought a box and I hated them. So tasteless!
    But every time I went into a store after that my eyes were assaulted with bright yellow Peeps displays..

    Except now they have the bunnies. Do bunnies even make a peep sound? I thought they were called Peeps because chicks go “peep, peep”..? no? okay.

    Well, I love your homemade Peeps. They’re not bright yellow. That’s a bonus :)

  13. these are so cute and gelatin free! <333

  14. Time for….Peep Wars!

  15. What are PEEPS? Are they just like sugary colourful fluff or something? You crazy Americans and your confectionery :) They look cute though!

    • Precisely that. Colorful fluff :) Marshmallowy grossness, really. And apparently Americans don’t like them that much, so I am learning. We just like to buy them and look at them…

  16. So funny! I have some Australian friends who were just talking about how weird Americans are for liking these, because they are so gross. Yes, they are sickly sweet, but yes, somehow, I too am drawn to them. If nothing else, they make for fun “peep fights” when you stick them in the microwave ;-0

  17. They are so cute! I want to eat them except I hate them. Seems to be a theme. Maybe you should develop a line of Cara’s where they get rolled in tinted coconut instead. Then, when I nuke them and put them between my cookies they’d be ever so much better. 😀 Uhoh, I just had another idea. Always dangerous.

    • You and your Snoballs, Laurel! ha. I was making these when on the phone with you… These officially have a piece of Laurel in them :)

      • Thank you. I believe I’ll do just that – only not pink. What fun. 😀

        • I want pictures…even if it means you have to draw it out :)

          • Now the man wants Moon Pies and Sno-Balls for his anniversary. You, Princess Fork are you a trouble maker. Pick yours up on your way to visit Caralie. 😀 xox

          • I take absolutely no responsibility for your husband’s actions and desires! I mean, you did say that last year you made marshmallows right? So it sounds like YOU are the trouble maker, after all. Nice try though :) hehe

  18. malindagrace says:

    I LOVE Peeps. Well, loved. I’ve even thrown up in the Just Born parking lot.

    How did you do the eyes? Did you use a food pen?

    • Okay this just made me laugh so hard, imagining you barfing in the parking lot!!! FOr clarification, was it because you o.d.ed on Peeps or you just so happened to have been in the lot and needed to puke? Thank you for the good laugh :) Oh and yes! I used a Wilton brand edible pen…

  19. I have a secret- back in highschool I use to live off of Peeps and Little Debbie Snacks (and I wonder why I have stomach issues), your peeps look a hundred times better than any peep I’ve ever had – this is totally the grown up version!

    Girlie- you are the best!

    • I love your little secrets… I want more!! From armpit sniffing to Peeps, you are my kind of people :) I heart you so much!

  20. you are the funniest, Cara! I started seeing these in stores lately and was like what are those and who eats them!:) those bunnies look adorable. they will probably just sit in a basket in my house until chewie figures out they are edible things and no one seems to be eating them.. he gets very upset if there is food out and no one eats it within His given amount of time(30 seconds) and no one gives it to him either.

    • HAHA!! Apparently we are ALL buying them but no one is eating them :)
      Sounds like you are raising a high maintenance Chewie… hehe

  21. OH, Cara. You make the best cute things – I adore these so much.

  22. Haha I never liked peeps either but they are so cute I always bought them! Who wouldn’t want some cute little chicks to brighten up their easter basket? Yours are so cute! I love the colours you picked!

    • This is hilarious! An epidemic of Peeps haters yet still purchasing them! I seriously thought I was the only one :) Thanks Gabby for the comment! xo

  23. So. Darned. Cute! Happy Monday Cara!

  24. Those are adorable! And I’m one of the weird ones who LOVES stale peeps…

    • You are among the minority, so I am figuring out. For the longest time I thought I was just the weird one for not enjoying Peeps but apparently it is more common than I thought. And stale too? Everyone poke and prod at Iris :) xo!

  25. Love your “runty” peeps! I always want to buy them too but rarely do. And my husband always sees them and wants them, but then we never actually eat them. I could probably eat one, but a whole package? Ewww.
    Plus, I still remember my high school German exchange student laughing so hard when she saw them. She said they were “so American” and she bought some to take home with her. That summer I visited her back in Germany and she still had the peeps in the package on a shelf – they were hard as rocks but… She kept them for a couple of years just so she could laught at them! :-)

    • HAHA!! Well do I have a little story for your German exchange student. That grass pictured in this post is actually edible. It’s supposedly candy and it tastes HORRIBLE! I’d rather eat real straw at this point…and it’s imported from Germany. I guess the 2 countries are even now :)

  26. Hahaha I giggled the whole time reading this post! Peeps aren’t my thing either but I’vesnidfed the package before and totally imagined you doing the same. I almost bought a package two weeks ago but knew I wouldn’t like them again either!
    Your little peeps are too cute!!!! Nice piping job :) I love the runts of the liter…you know, because somebody has to!

  27. I am not a fan of peeps either, but they are so darn cute. YOURS are even cuter! one day on a whim, years ago, I bought a peeps maker machine, but have yet to use it…

    • WHAT?? There is such a thing called a Peeps Maker? This is blowing my mind at the moment. And you haven’t used it??? I’m going to need a moment to process this…

  28. I have a similar relationship with Peeps. I’ve always wanted to love them, but could only choke down maybe one if that. Then my cat Tissi who I’ve had for over 18 years (yes you read that correctly), was nicknamed Peeps when I was in college. Now I have several T-shirts with Peeps sayings (Give Peeps a chance, Hangin with my Peeps, etc.), but still do not care for the candy. Then they had to torture us further by coming up with ones for every single holiday, so now we’re tormented the entire year…

    • Don’t they know that too much a good (?) thing isn’t always good… I liked how you had to wait for another year for them. Besides, who is eating them anyway? All but one who have commented so far say they don’t like them. 7 out of 8 people hate Peeps. That’s science, people. Then again, they are geniuses if they figured out a commodity that no one necessarily likes but *still* buys a boat load of! Note to self: figure out a product that will produce the same results. P.S. Love the “Give Peeps a chance” slogan. hehe

  29. Haha – well done making vegan marshmallows, but what a bummer you don’t like to eat them! When I was little, I was never a big fan of peeps (though I did eat them, of course…) but my all-time favorite thing to do was put them on a plate in the microwave and watch them get bigger, and bigger, until you think they’re going to exlode!…. and then they deflate. Repeat.
    I’m certain I have brain damage from staring into the microwave so much. 😛

    • Okay Willow, this totally gave me the a good laugh! I can just imagine you peering through the microwave window with a goofy look on your face, anticipating the expansion :) I would do this with microwavable S’mores <–probably the only way I will ever eat a marshmallow, now that I think about it.

  30. Oh these are just the cutest thing! I’m so impressed with you!

    And I’m with you girl. I have NEVER liked peeps OR cadberry eggs OR donuts. Though I really want a donut pan because I love the look of donuts and my husband would eat them everyday if he could.

    These have got to be way tastier than store bought ones!

    • I should have added Cadbury Eggs to the list too! Yeah, they are cool in theory and all, but one bite and I’m out. But donuts? DONUTS??? God, I wish I had the repulsion towards them as a kid. It probably would have saved me from gaining a few extra, oh…20 pounds :)

  31. Those are adorable! And I love peeps (and miss them terribly) The only person I know who likes them more than I do is my mother.

    • My mother totally loves them too! Maybe that is why I want to like them too. And those sweet potatoes marshmallow things. Another item my mother adores. I just cannot get into it. But hey, at least I am persistent :) Enjoy, Dawn!

      • Your biggest fan! says:

        Hey! Seriously…an Easter basket just isn’t complete without Peeps! And, if you forget to eat them & they’re still hanging around mid-summer, they make a great door stop – or wait a minute…..what about putting them on top of the sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving.hmmmm?
        And then of course there’s the “how long does it take for one to EXPLODE in the microwave?” Ahhhh, too much fun – gotta love ’em!

        • All the pieces of the puzzle are finally being put together. I really AM my mother’s daughter, aren’t I? {Not that there were ever doubts really}

  32. Ha. Ha. I may just have to give these a shot. Peeps and I have not been friends so much either. I kind of liken biting into a Peep to chomping ubersweet ground glass encrusted rubber. But my youngest daughter LOVES them. I think there is a whole texture thing, too. Some like to uncover their peeps til they get drier/gummier/more petrified? Others seem to like the fresher the better silica cloud of spun sugaryness. If nothing else, I’m thinking this is a good base for marshmallow. Vegan marshmallows are yummy and up there pricewise. Yikes.

  33. wait, who is cara?…haha just kidding!

    i’ve always hated peeps. never ever ever liked them. but guess who does? dayv! i remember when we first met i told him he was probably the only adult that likes peeps.

    i guess these will be going in his easter basket this year… 😉

    • Who’s on first?
      Dayv is going to hit the jackpot come this Sunday. And can I just tell you something? You are the CUTEST thing in the world to still do Easter baskets with your lover. See, this is why I just love you so. You are edible! <–in the most non-cannibalistic way :) xo


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