Gluten-free and Vegan Corn Dog Mummies

I took the day off from my HAL*RAW*WEEN theme to bring you these adorable little Corn Dog Mummies over at the GoodVeg.

Gluten-free and vegan too!

Check the recipe out here and send some spooky lovin’ over there. Only if you dare…

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  1. Hoi
    \ alsgevolg ik gochi neem elke dag zit ik me veel gezonder in mijn systeem

  2. I where are the recipes? :(

    • Oh man, so this is a bummer. The website that I used to contribute to (where this recipe was stored) went offline and never told me they were so I never had the chance to gather up these recipes and restore them on my site. I’m still upset about that! I’m gonna try to recreate this in the next month for Halloween. Stay tuned! Sorry about that :(

  3. I couldn’t get the link to the recipe to work, are you able to post the recipe or email me the correct link? Thank you!

    • Hi Jacquie–I am just now realizing that all the recipes I created for the GoodVeg have all transferred their link addresses :( Total boo!! I will see if I can figure it out…

  4. so cute! :)

  5. They almost look too adorable to eat…. almost!!

  6. so fun! love this! I also write for VegMag, very cool! I’ll look for your pieces.

  7. Ah! These are too cute! Well done! I too am an auntie and get to spoil my niece and nephew. I love Halloween but am currently living in South Korea. I had to get creative and send them all the fun things via snail mail.

  8. OK, so talk to me about those eyes. Are they a photo editing job or are they googly eyes or what? They’re kinda creepy.

  9. Kristina LD says:

    Hello Cara, my name is Kristina, and I’ve been loving your blog for some time now, and today, you just made my day AWESOME– again– thank you!! You have an amazing sense of humor, I really appreciate it!! Happy Friday~

  10. hahahahahahahahahahaha

  11. told ya.. soon your posts are going give me nightmares:P

  12. Oh Cara! That cut off hand COMPLETELY freaked me out! The positioning of the image on my screen had it looking like a real hand… then I rolled down a fraction! Sheesh!
    Off to check out the actual recipe now, phew. 😉

  13. dawnrsimpson says:

    Oh my gosh. I’m dying for corn dogs. Darn soy. Yet again…amazing

  14. those may be the best way to play with your food I’ve ever seen!

  15. You did corn dogs this week and I did Tofu Pups in a GF blanket. I didn’t fry mine, but now I am thinking of using my recipe to make a corn dog version thanks to your post! :-)

    • Oooooooohhhhhh, we are sharing the same Halloween brain! I like the idea of not frying them though so I cannot wait to check yours out. Too much grease makes my belly unhappy (and I ate 2 of them so you can imagine how miserable I felt afterward) Eek!

  16. look at those eyes! creeeppyyy.

  17. That looks tasty.

  18. Oh! Look how juicy those little creatures are! Totally heading over now! My kids will worship these!!!


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