Green Monster Rice Cereal Treats (Gluten-Free Vegan)

Friends, you should know by now that I am completely crazy over Halloween. I mean, I have an entire section dedicated to all things creepy, disgusting, and eerie.  So it is of no surprise to you that I will take any excuse to celebrate my favorite holiday a good month in advance. What better way to celebrate with all of you than to present my first ever Fork & Beans Halloween e-Book?! *enter canned applause*
Fork & Beans Halloween e-Book
This is my best work to date, you guys. I couldn’t be more proud of this e-cookbook and it’s only $7. What? $7? That’s such a bargain! That’s like 1 Venti-sized Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte with an extra shot of espresso. Just saying…
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Check out the list of 15 recipes (plus a bonus compilation of Halloween candy bars) below that are included in this e-cookbook. The best part? Every recipe is gluten, egg, and dairy-free! 
Fork & Beans Halloween e-Book
Contaminated Bloody Marys
 Infested Chocolate Cupcakes
 Caramel Apple Vampires
Cheeze Ball Mice
Run now and purchase your copy! It will spook the goose bumps out of you and make you want to get Halloween crazy in the kitchen…
 Green Monster Rice Cereal Treats
Gluten-Free Vegan Monster Krispie Treats Recipe



In large saucepan melt the vegan butter over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat. Add a few all-natural green food coloring drops into the mixture and stir until evenly colored. Add cereal and stir until well combined. Using wax paper, evenly press mixture into a greased 13 x 9 x 2-inch pan. Allow to cool for 10 minutes.

Cut out skull shapes with the cookie cutter. Wrap each head with gauze and place the edible eyes on by either pressing firmly in the treats or “glue” with royal icing.



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  1. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

  2. I love the work you put into this.Thank-you for putting this together :-) Halloween is such a fun holiday!

  3. this is a terrific eBook. there is something for everyone. My kids are so excited… thx

  4. What is EnerG?

  5. Congratulations…superfun way to start your publishing career! Tombstone Ice Cream Sandwiches are exactly what I’m craving…seriously, last night I loudly proclaimed that I *needed* to have one and was immediately admonished that it’s “no longer ice cream sandwich season”. HA! You have proved them wrong. 😉

  6. Squeeee!!! I’m totally stoked to have won the ebook! Thank you so much!

    All the treats are so freaking adorable! :) I especially love the rice crispy monsters and cheezeball mice. Too darned cute. Can’t wait to try them out. Thanks again, Cara. :)

  7. Congrats! That’s so cool. Those caramel apples look amazing.

  8. This looks amazing Cara! So much effort must’ve gone into it! Halloween isn’t often celebrated here in Australia, but I love the idea of dressing up and making spooky treats. I might just try and introduce the tradition this year 😉 Thanks hon! xx

  9. Wow this looks so amazing Cara! I know this will be a beautiful book! And only you could make a Halloween book beautiful 😉

  10. YAY SO excited for you :) goodluck with the full time blogging! Cant wait to try some of these halloween treats!

  11. yay! so awesome Cara! I cannot wait to see those infested cupcakes!

  12. Your Biggest Fan! says:

    Fantastic! The recipes and pictures are to die for (insert your best Dracula impersonation here) :-)
    A must have for everyone – love it!
    I’m so proud of you and blushing at the dedication!

    • I can totally hear you saying this (and why can I also picture you dressed up like Dracula?!) ha. I love my mom!

      • Your Biggest Fan! says:

        Actually, I’m thinking about dressing up as Mavis for Halloween this year.
        Gotta love her. :-)
        Her birthday worm cake looks like a “Cara Halloween” creation.

  13. Hi Cara,
    I love the idea of your Halloween cookbook and was wondering if your recipes call for xanthan gum.

  14. Jackie ( Sitting next to your momma) says:

    awesome! thanks cara! my kids are going to love this! :)


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