Vegan White Chocolate Bark

Sometimes I like to get a bit complicated in the kitchen. I’m not intimated by recipes that say they take an hour or 2 to create because cooking and baking are my opportunities to relax (that’s right, I said relax) and unwind from what is going on in my day. Don’t get me wrong, I love a simple and quick recipe (especially for dinner) but I live in my kitchen these days and I don’t mind putting a tent in it and sleeping over.

Vegan White Chocolate Bark

Now, I realize that not everyone feels this way and so I’m always up for creating recipes that are quick and easy to follow. Since I pretty much skipped over Thanksgiving and marched right into Christmas, I figured this would be the perfect little nibble for both holidays. And this recipe is nothing short of simple too! If you are looking for a beautifully quick recipe to bring over to your relatives this holiday (whichever one you choose) then this Vegan White Chocolate Bark will do just fine.

Vegan White Chocolate Bark

Vegan White Chocolate Bark Recipe

To make one 5″ x 2/5″ bar, you will need:


For each bar, you are going to need 1/3 c. vegan white chocolate chips, found either at your local health store if you are so lucky to have a place that sells them nearby, or simply buy them online (I just bought 4 more bags).

On a piece of wax paper, measure out a 5″ x  2.5″ rectangle. Now please hear me on this friends. At first I did the outline with a pen but then quickly realized after it had set that the pen had seeped into the chocolate. Ha! The next round, I just used a butter knife (as seen in the second picture below–if you can see those markings). It’s not sexy to serve white chocolate bark to your friends and family with a pen line running on the back of it. Just saying…

In a small saucepan, melt your chocolate with 1 tsp. coconut oil (optional–this just gives it a nice, smooth flavor) over low heat until it is completely melted.  Or you can do this in the microwave in 30 second increments. Keep in mind that this will only make 1 small bar, so feel free to double, triple, etc. this recipe if needed. You want a bit of thickness to the bar too (as seen in the photo to the right below so make sure if you do double or whatever the recipe, that you are keeping the thickness too when measuring out the bark.

Place the dollop of chocolate on top of the wax paper and spread gently with the back of a spoon until it fits perfectly into the rectangle you have plotted out. Sprinkle dried cranberries and toasted pistachios over and gently press down into the chocolate (this ensures that when you go to slice it, all the toppings won’t instantly fall off).

Allow it to set for 15 minutes in the freezer or until completely dried set. Slice into small pieces carefully with a sharp knife and share with family and friends. Or eat it all yourself. There are no judgments here. Just happy bellies.

Vegan White Chocolate Bark

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a birthday to attend to…


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  1. I have all these ingredients (besides the pistachios) in my pantry and would LOVE to make these beautiful things. Unfortunately, if I keep snacking on the white chocolate chips and dried cranberries plain, it’ll never happen. Now THAT’S a simple snack. Probably a bit less satisfying, though. 😛

    • I do the same thing but with the white chocos and macadamia nuts. Makes me feel like I am eating one of those cookies :) Good luck, Molly! xo ha

  2. Where can I buy white chocolate with no lactose? Im hayward ca
    Can some tell please :)

  3. There’s something about white chocolate and cranberries that just screams holidays to me. LOVE this! Especially since quick and easy is the name of the game for me lately!

  4. ooooooooooooo BIRTHDAY BARK! looks amazing. you are amazing.

  5. This recipe is an Ina Garten original…

    • Oooo i love me some Barefoot Contessa! I didn’t realize this was her original though. I used to eat this stuff (dairy version) as a kid every holiday….

  6. Which brand of vegan white chocolate chips did you use? I forget the name of the brand I’ve tried (I’ll recognize it when I see it), but they were disgusting :(

  7. Happy Birthday! and these barks look gorgeous. i dont think i can share

  8. First off, Happy Birthday!!! I am a new follower, and I m LOVING your recipes! Can’t wait to try this one! I was diagnosed with Celiac disease a year ago, and I am a colon cancer survivor. (Yes, they now think the cancer came from un-treaded Celiac.) I have been a clean eater since my cancer 4 1/2 yrs ago, and I am so thankful for amazing foodies and bloggers like you that create such tasty “alternatives” to the standard american (junk laden) diet. Thank you for what you do, and THANK YOU for sharing it with us!

    Have a great day!!

    • Thank you SO MUCH for this comment, Lisa! What super sweet words–did I say thank you already? Because well, thank you :)

  9. Jackie (ur mom is standing right behind me :) ) says:

    Oooo oooo Oooo!!!!! happy birthday as well! :) and u still really reallllyy realllyyyy need an online shop! :)

    • Haha! I know, I need to work on that, don’t I??? I just need to get this cookbook done and then I will start looking into it :) Thank you for the birthday wishes (despite the fact that I am one month late in the gratitude) :) xo

  10. Your Biggest Fan! says:

    P.S. The bark looks fabulous!


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