Southwestern Quinoa Bites

If you juice at home have you ever wondered what in the world to do with the leftover vegetable pulp? I have all your problems solved with these incredible Southwestern Quinoa Bites–chock-full of quinoa and juicing pulp. (Side note: even if you don’t juice at home, I got you covered on how to still make these bites!)

Southwestern Quinoa Bites - Fork & Beans

Over the past couple years I have become a huge lover of juicing. I even bought an Omega (which I LOVE) and I now make a tradition of going to the farmer’s market every Sunday to buy fresh produce to juice at home for the entire week. The thing about juicing, however, is that there is a ton of pulp left over from the vegetables. I always feel guilty about throwing it all away because there is still food to be eaten despite the fact that it is the leftover fiber of the vegetables and fruit. I just never really have known what to do with it (translation: I never put that much thought into it) That is, until now.

Southwestern Quinoa Bites - Fork & Beans

Today I am guest posting over at Tasty Yummies, bringing you these Southwestern Quinoa Bites with an Avocado Dipping Sauce. I know, I can hardly believe it too–two recipes for the price of one. It’s bargain Tuesday! What a deal.

Southwestern Quinoa Bites - Fork & Beans

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  1. Yum, Cara these sound amazing!!! I reckon I could just eat that avocado dipping sauce out of the bowl… no wait, but I want it with the quinoa bites too. Hang on, I’ll just make double quantity!! Avocado is good for me, right?? 😉 Thanks for this awesome recipe x

  2. Susy king says:

    They look good. Another good use for all that pulp is a composter too. What luscious compost that would make. I wish I was your neighbor!

  3. This is a great idea, these are the perfect bits and pieces food! Lots of little leftovers that usually end up in the compost!

    • I know, I always feel bad about throwing all of that away. This week I have been adding the pulp to every meal I make at dinner :) ha

  4. Hallelujah! A pulp recipe! YAY. So far I have frozen pulp in ice cube trays or 1/2c sizes for use in smoothies, soups and kids’ spagetti sauce – they have no idea all the healthy stuff I sneak in there! I will make these soon! Thank you.

  5. Brilliant use for juice pulp, can’t wait to try! Thanks!

  6. Holy yum-ness. Trust, you best be making that for us when you’re here! (Haha. That made me laugh when you said “Trust, it is!” because I can soooo see you saying that. I love you, Sissy. I’m so proud of you. I keep sharing your blog to everyone I know – the Art teacher at school today just gushed over your talent and the beauty in your photographs. I told her – JUST WAIT til you see her handwriting! Haha. xoxo

    • This is hilarious on so many levels. And I will totes make these during my TX trip, absolutely! Plus Cambria requested Thin Mints again so it looks like we have our hands full :) Thank you for being my PR girl. I owe you.. xo Love you sissy!

  7. I love these snacky little balls…many thanks! :)

  8. this is genius. GENIUS!


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