I have worked day and night for you sweet friends, in hopes to bring you a mighty good tasting vegan white chocolate mousse. This was no easy feat. May I share with you the agony this has caused me? Too bad, I’m going to anyway. First I thought maybe cashews would be a good base since I have a Raw Chocolate Mousse Cake that is decadent and delicious and oh-so-very mousse-like. So I soaked my nuts (looking left to right, snickering), threw in some coconut oil, bladda dee, bladda dah. More like plain ol’ blah. It tasted cashew-y; not the flavor I was going for. I threw some cocoa powder in there to salvage it and now have an amazing chocolate mousse waiting to be had. Vegan White Chocolate Mousse - Fork & Beans

But since my intentions were for white chocolate mousse, I had to keep creating! I scoured my kitchen for another good base and found a block of tofu in my fridge. I have heard of people making chocolate pudding from it before so I thought, why the hades not? Threw in some melted white chocolate chips, some vanilla and…barf. It tasted like tofu that had been infused with Splenda. Strange. I don’t remember putting Splenda in it. Grrr, now what? I thought chia seeds! What if I did a chia seed pudding but blend it up? Wouldn’t you know it, tasted bad too. It wasn’t the consistency I was looking for and the taste just wasn’t there either.

Vegan White Chocolate Mousse - Fork & Beans

As you can see, there are white chocolate flecks in the mousse in the picture above. The chocolate, despite being cooled down will begin to harden in small bits when introduced to the coconut cream. This will happen so do not worry. The longer that the mousse sets in the fridge, the puffed and more disguised the flecks become.

Okay by now I was losing my patience (not to mention my kitchen stock was depleting rather quickly). I opened my fridge and that is when it hit me. Coconut cream. I keep a can in the refrigerator at all times for those unpredictable moments when I have the urge to make a good non-dairy whipped cream and don’t want to wait for the cream to set overnight. My mind started to race: I love the flavor and consistency of coconut whipped cream so I thought I might be onto something. I whipped that bad boy up with some melted non-dairy white chocolate, threw some magical powder in there (aka: powdered sugar, what were you thinking?) There it was. The closest of all four options to what I was going for! Phew, too. If that didn’t work, I had no other option and if there was no other option, I wouldn’t have been able to make these incredibly light, airy, and delicious “Cadbury Egg” Dessert Mousse Bowls (recipe coming to you by the end of this week).

Vegan White Chocolate Mousse - Fork & Beans

Vegan White Chocolate Mousse
Serves 6
A light, airy, and delicious alternative to your favorite dessert mousse.
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Prep Time
8 hr
Cook Time
10 min
Prep Time
8 hr
Cook Time
10 min
  1. 1 can coconut cream, chilled overnight in the fridge
  2. 4 Tbsp. melted white chocolate, cooled completely
  3. 3 Tbsp. powdered sugar
  4. 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  1. In a large bowl carefully remove the contents from the can with a spoon, leaving out the liquid on the bottom (there shouldn't be a lot with coconut cream). With an electric mixer, begin to whip up on medium speed.
  2. Add the remainder of the ingredients and whip up for another 2-3 minutes until light and fluffy.
  3. Place into an air-tight container and chill in the fridge for 2+ hours (or serve immediately--just know that the longer it is chilled, the more consistent to mousse texture it becomes).
  1. Makes approx. 2 cups of mousse
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Recipe/Substitution tips:

If you do not have coconut cream handy, you may use coconut milk. Just keep in mind that you might not get as much out of it as you would with the cream.

Allergic to coconut? Try a store-brand whip like Soyatoo. It’s been a while since I have used it but it stabilizes rather nicely and could be a good substitute.

Don’t have non-dairy white chocolate chips on hand? Here is a recipe for a raw white chocolate coating that might work. I say might because I haven’t tested it out but I see no reason why it wouldn’t. Use 4 Tbsp. worth of the recipe in place of the white chocolate chips. This recipe does require raw cacao butter so if you don’t have that, I suggest just buying the non-dairy white chocolate chips. I like to keep my pantry stocked with them (wink).

Make sure to keep this in the fridge before serving. The longer it stays chilled, the more mousse-like it becomes.

Can be stored in the fridge for up to one week in an air-tight container.


Happy vegan Mousse-making!