Vegan Better Cheddars

Calling all snackers: Am I alone in my deep love for Better Cheddars? Anyone even remember these round, cheesy, crunchy crackers? Better yet, do they even still sell these at the stores anymore??? I could really go for Vegan Better Cheddars right now.

I posed the question on Facebook last night, “What was your favorite childhood snack growing up?” and I got a big kick out of some of the answers:





Oatmeal Pies.



Chocolate Pies.

But no Better Cheddars.

So I thought that I would have to do justice for these crackers

and spread the Better Cheddar gospel.

Copycat Better Cheddars--packed with a crispy, cheezy, salt bite in every cracker. Gluten free too!

Think Cheez-Its but better (hence the name of the crackers). Well, I’m not sure if I can say they were better, really. It depended on my mood actually, but what I did love most about Better Cheddars was that crispy, burnt flavor that it had. And coming from the girl who loves her food a little on the burnt side, it was natural why I would gravitate towards them.

Copycat Better Cheddars--packed with a crispy, cheezy, salt bite in every cracker. Gluten free too!


Vegan Better Cheddars
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: Approx. 50 crackers
  • ½ c. Cara's All-Purpose flour blend
  • ½ c. Daiya cheeze, cheddar flavor
  • 2 Tbsp. nondairy butter, softened
  • ½ tsp. sea salt
  • ¼ tsp. smoked paprika
  • 1 Tbsp. ice water
  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
  2. In an electric mixer, combine butter and cheeze together until fully incorporated.
  3. Add flour, paprika, and salt into cheeze mixture. Combined with a wooden spoon until dough forms. Add ice water. This is make the dough form into a ball.
  4. Roll dough into a thin, thin layer between 2 pieces of wax paper. The thinner the better, really, because the crunchier they will be. Using a 1½"-2" round cookie cutter, cut out dough.
  5. Using a skewer, flat side, make 6 holes around the outer circle and 1 hole in the middle. Transfer to a cookie sheet and lightly sprinkle with salt.
  6. Bake for 18-20 minutes or until nicely browned around the edges.


It’s been years since I have had a Better Cheddar but the homemade version, especially the particularly thinner crackers, packed that same cheezy, burnt crunch that I remembered so fondly.


Copycat Better Cheddars--packed with a crispy, cheezy, salt bite in every cracker. Gluten free too!

So if you haven’t already answered the question (or if you have more to add) I’d love to hear your answer to:

What are some of your favorite childhood snacks?



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  4. Stephanie says:

    Looks amazing and pretty easy to do. My favorite treat as a kid was twizzlers but I haven’t had them in over 10 years now because of the wheat flour in them . Any chance you could use your food genius skills to try making those?

  5. Hi! I love your recipes! I tried to make sure my question isn’t redundant, but there are lots of comments, so apologies if I overlooked it: Can I get away with regular/wheat flour in this recipe? I want to make these tomorrow, and I have no GF flour on hand! Thanks!!

  6. Cara

    Looks yum and easy. Any idea if the Bob’s flour can be substituted with your GF flour mix.

    • You can definitely try it out! I have yet to but I have a feeling it will be just as good :) Let me know…

  7. Carrie Stratford-Collver says:

    Just found this gem of a recipe:) I’m from Canada & whenever my dad, my brother or I go to the US we hunt high & low for Better Chedders, usually find them hidden away at a variety store or at a Publix, when we find them, we buy every box they have…I am SUPER PUMPED to try this out…if they’re as good as they look I’m looking at favorite child & favorite sister status for a long time:)

  8. Reblogged this on Kiara Lane.

  9. Reblogged this on Kiara Lane.

  10. better cheddars were a huge part of my childhood… and you’re right – where on earth did they go?!? i will definitely have to try this recipe…

  11. I must make these! ASAP!

  12. This post just made my day. Better Cheddars are my favorite cheese crackers! The fiance has never had them. Therefore, we must try your recipe immediately!

  13. valerossini says:

    Wanna try them!

  14. I love cheez-its, but these look good! they are all so perfect! great job!


  15. Keep fighting the good fight!

  16. They taste yummy! Thanks for the recipe. ;p

  17. delish! thanks so much for this recipe XD

  18. I am hungry!

  19. Those look so yum! :)

  20. Looks really tasty I’m going to the grocery store tomorrow. Thanks for sharing

  21. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? My blog site is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Josh! Thank you so much for asking permission–very appreciated! Just curious if you could explain a little more on what Coursepark is and how Fork and Beans can be of help. Thanks for your time!

  22. Spaghetti-O’s

    • This is one snack I cannot stand behind, I’m afraid to say. I mean no disrespect but I could never get into Spaghetti-Ohs…I know however that I am few on this side :) Thanks for the comment!

  23. Ritz crackers were my favourite, don’t know if they made it to US – they tasted like they were already buttered! Still indulge occasionally…

    • Oh you better believe Ritz Crackers not only made it to America but to my mouth…several times! I tried to recreate them yesterday and failed. I will keep trying, just for you Offmotorway! :)

  24. Awesome Post and great recipe! Thanks for sharing. Congrats on being FP!

  25. I have got to try this recipe! Thanks for posting it! (can real shredded cheddar be subbed for the vegan kind without any issues?)

    Favorite childhood snack. I really don’t know. I loved most crackers from Ritz to Goldfish and assorted other foods like PBJ or cream cheese with jam sandwiches. Chips. I wasn’t picky about snack foods. 😀

    • Absolutely! You can substitute real cheese and real flour for this recipe and it will be just fine!
      I wasn’t picky with snacks either. I’d eat whatever was in front of me :) Thanks for the comment, Stephanissima!

  26. I have nominated you for a versatile bogger award. Check it out and join in—>

    I really loved this post! it was fabulous! This will be my next kitchen concoction!

    • HI Kirsty! Wow, thank you so much for the award AND the kind words. Man, do you know how to make a girl blush! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU :)

  27. favourite childhood snack – Carribean flavour Skips (not sure if you have Skips in the US though? If not, they’re crisps!)

    • I am loving the idea of a Carribean flavor! You definitely do not see that over here in the States and now I am thinking that we are really missing out and playing it safe with “Cool Ranch” and “Barbeque” flavors. Boring. I want Carribean, now :) What flavors make up Carribean?

  28. time to lunch 😀

  29. Better Cheddars are the boss of the snack aisle. That is why they are hard to find and usually on the top shelf in one single row sometimes next to another solid contributor, the chicken in a biscuit cracker. I am a big fan of the B.C. and have also mused that the vanilla wafer is the most under-rated cookie.

    Congrats on FP and how clutch was it to put a cliff hanger on the end of a post that got pressed, nice work!

    • I am hearing a lot of Chicken in a Biscuit talk as of late. They were never my first choice, but I was also never known to turn down food if presented to me :) So happy to hear of another Better Cheddar fan. We all have to stick together, for we are few, but we are proud!
      Thank you for the comment, Simon, and for the congrats! WordPress planned it perfectly after all, didn’t they? Woo hoo!

  30. wow thanks for the recipe! I’d never thought to make my own crackers before but that would be a lovely finish to a dinner party with some cheese :)
    My fave childhood snack was celery dipped in the peanut butter jar! mmm I haven’t done that in years! x

    • Mmmmmm cheese. Lucky :) hehe. And by the sound of it, Veghotpot you were a healthy snacker, which I’m not going to lie, I’m a little jealous of. Good for you though. While I was busy stuffing my face with processed food, you were snacking on wholesome foods. Can we switch childhoods? (if that is even possible..) ha!

  31. Love a good cheesy cracker and these look great!

    • Cheesy crackers really are a universal food that speaks to everyone, I am convinced. I have yet to run into someone who says they don’t like them. At least I better not ever… :) Thank you for the comment, Averil! xo

  32. These look amazing! Definitely going on my short list of recipes to try when I have some spare time!

  33. Oh My god !!!
    you make me hungry ><
    thank you for sharing
    it must very very delicious !

  34. That made me hungry!

  35. Looks good! I was partial to oreos. Yes I know, kinda boring!

    • Boring? Absolutely not! Oreos are the classy cookie sandwich. I think that is a great choice (as well as one of my favorites, too!) Thanks for the comment! xo

  36. Being an Englishman abroad I’m definitely a sucker for a good cheddar be it English, Scottish or Irish but always mature. And living in Turkey as I do, and surrounded by white goat’s cheese, when I return to England I gorge on cheddar, stilton, cornish blue, red leicester, somerset brie, wensleydale……the range and variety is staggering. So let’s hear it for the wonders of cheddar and cheese in general!

    • This is so not fair. I’m feeling *very* jealous of you right this second… Have a slice for me, will ya?! :)

      • I will – and I know your post was about crackers – just the word ‘cheddar’ set me off – awaiting your ‘cheese’ post and great blog. Cheers

        • I do that too–you can’t help it. Food is a passionate sort of thing and when something in you is triggered, you have to go with it. I just never knew *that* many cheeses existed (okay I did but I’m trying to forget) :)
          Thank you for the comments! Glad you like the blog…

  37. OK, weird! I was just saying on another blog today that I love Better Cheddars and can’t find them anywhere anymore! They had them in Iowa just last year, but here in Texas, nowhere to be found (at least by me). Thanks for this recipe and for sharing my fondness for these ridiculously orange delicious crackers!

    <3 Ashley

    • Eeeeee, Ashley, we were meant to be friends :) How random indeed! But how delightful, just as well… What a shame that they are not as available where you are. I might have to buy a case and ship them to you :) xo, Cara

  38. Is there something I could use as a substitute to the Daiya cheeze?
    These sound so delicious, but unfortunately I don’t have a specialty Whole Foods store in my area.

  39. Wonder if you could sub nooch for Daiya (it’s greasy and not my fav, but blended it might be ok…)

    • I’m thinking that might not work just because Daiya’s role in the recipe is also a binder and oil. I don’t think nutritional yeast would have the same effect, however, I am sure there are some good cracker recipes out there that call for it. If it’s the taste that you are worried about, I am not a fan of Daiya myself, but for some reason, baked inside these crackers, it tastes FABULOUS!

  40. Fave snack? Combos!

    • Combos! Yes, those are the pretzels and cheese or peanut butter snacks, right? I guess I was too busy eating chocolate individual pies from the store (do you remember those? Some had fruit filling, custard, etc..) to get into Combos. But a good choice, indeed!

  41. This is so cute! They look fantastic. I’ve never tried Better Cheddars before, but I’m about to–great job!

    • I’m changing the world, one cracker at a time! Thank you so much for this comment, ntepper! I super appreciate it and hope that you enjoy your homemade crackers :)

  42. Bravo! Well done, Cara!

  43. Never heard of these before, maybe they’re American? I would love to try half a batch and if its a big hit here, I’ll make the whole batch again! :) Thanks for sharing this :)

    • They are definitely American and I don’t think they were all that popular here in the States to spread elsewhere (the 80’s were their prime time). I also have a Homemade Cheez-Its recipe you can find on the recipe page under snacks. Have you hear of those?

  44. These are such a great idea. yum. yum.

  45. I loved (love) Cheez-its – so these will be a must try. Yum!

  46. Yum! They look delish.

  47. i haven’t had a better cheddar in probably over 10 years. but they used to be an all-time fave. so…you made my mouth water and now i must make an immediate trip to the store to purchase a box of these lovely snacks. thanks for the reminder!

    • I’m very jealous of you, Eva. In fact, please have one in my honor. I haven’t had them a looooonnnng time either and now that I cannot eat gluten or dairy anymore, I am banished from them forever, leaving me to make my own. Eat that extra burnt one just for me! :)

  48. gluten-free cheese crackers sound snackalicious 😉

  49. Hands down, favorite childhood snacks are home made rice pudding, and freshly baked choco chip cookies.

    My wife would love this recipe thanks for sharing
    Be A DJ

    • Rice pudding! Aaaaaahhh, you speak my language… Although I have never had it homemade (the horror!) and I think I will do so now. And I will name it after you…Ronstar Pudding. ha. Hope the wife will like this!

  50. those look awesome! I think they may have jumped to the top of my “to make” list.

    I’m still a sucker for clubhouse crackers…and the melba toast crackers haha

    • Hooray for the cheddars! I hope you like them, Garlic Soul (which, by the way, I’m convinced my soul smells of garlic, as well…) I’ve been in the kitchen all day trying to recreate Ritz crackers. So hard with Gluten Free flours… I will keep trying and hopefully find something comparable to those clubhouse crackers!

      • Yeah, my mom is gluten free so we are always trying things. Some things work and some definitely don’t. There seems to be very little in between.
        Good luck!!

        • Oh, so you definitely know of all the troubles with GF cooking–how comforting, really. Bring your mom over this way so we can be friends :)

  51. I loooooooooooooved these as a kid! I could eat my way through a whole package. Also “Pik-niks” fried shoelace potatoes in a can thingy.

    Did you ever see the Better Chedders with bacon?! Those were the bees knees I tell you.

    I’m loving this recipe.

  52. Justin absolutely LOVES anything cheesy- he would absolutely love these crackers, and me I am a fool for anything that even resembles a cracker!

  53. HA! love love love this!

  54. What?! You can make crackers?! How have I never seen a recipe like this before? You just changed my life.

    • It’s true, Rae! And it’s easy really. Only a few basic ingredients, some arm muscle requirements and an oven. Not too bad, eh? I’m changing the world, one cracker at a time, and looks like I’m starting with you! :) haha. xo

  55. I remember these! They were tasty. Here’s the commercial referenced above…

  56. Hmm, childhood snacks? I liked everything, but I did like Ring Dings the best. Back then, a Ring Ding was a different shape and had plenty of cream inside. So wonderful….

    Oh, I like your recipe. Maybe I’ll even give it a whirl. :)


  57. I preferred the cheesy snacks growing up – Better Cheeders, Cheez-its, Cheetos. I get blank stares when I talk about how good Chicken in the Biscuit crackers are – huh! Thanks for making me want a snack:) Congrats on being FP!

    • Thank you!!
      Chicken in the Biscuit–I remember those, though I didn’t dine on them nearly as much as I did Cheez-its and Nacho Doritos. Speaking of wanting a snack, I think I need one now myself :)

  58. Ahh congrats on being freshly pressed! Love it when my favourite blogs get chosen! Yay for you :)

  59. I still remember the commercial — with the guy on the trolley car…..

    New Better Cheddars
    The San Francisco style
    Snack thin!


  60. Cant stop looking at the pics, they are so Yum ! wish i knew how to bake these .

    • It is a really easy recipe (and I swear I’m not just saying that). If you have flour, cheese, ice water, salt and paprika, consider yourself able to make some homemade crackers! Or better yet, I will just send you some :) How’s that for easy?? ha

  61. mmm.. these do look delicious! I am all about having paprika in the recipe.. great post.

  62. nice! they look even more delicious than the real things. my childhood fave? those rare twinkie indulgences. now, they make my stomach hurt.

    • I’m with you on the bellyaches :) It’s fun to look back and remember all the crap we ate as kids but I would never wanna go back to the old way of eating. Eeek! Thanks for the comment, Wife of a Country Man :)

  63. I’m impressed with your perfectly round little crackers. I’ve never made crackers myself, but I see now that I’m missing out. I don’t really remember Better Cheddars; however, your version with Daiya and smoked paprika sound delicious!

    • I would love to say that I hand cut out each circle but I guess I should admit that a cookie cutter did all the work for me… Put crackers on your To-Do list, Cah-drique! Delicious :)

  64. Yummy! I did love those as a kid (and a teenager, and a young adult…).

    I missed the question on facebook, but my favorite snacks might have been Handi-snacks… you know the sort of rectangular saltine-like crackers with orange cheese goo and the red stick to spread the goo with? Yeah, those. That’s what the hickory We Can’t Say It’s Cheese always makes me think of…

    I don’t know about everyone else but I’m in suspense about your announcement!

    • Handi-snacks! I always loved the crackers, not so much the cheese. Or if that is what it really is…cheese?
      My PR is working if you are in suspense!

  65. Those look simply gorgeous, can’t wait to try them!

  66. Mmmmm! These look delicious! I’m going to have to make once my oven is back to working.

    My favorite childhood snack….I loved bugles, cool ranch doritos, and wheat thins! And I still, to this day, love all types of tortilla chips. But my favorite are the few in the bag that are folded up and are super crunchy! My mom, sister and I always used to fight over them haha.

    • Your oven isn’t working???? Breath, Cara. I’m having a panic attack on your behalf… And I so know what tortilla chips you speak of! I could live off of chips and salsa :)

  67. What size circle did you use?

    • Great question! Man, I am careless in my recipe instructions, aren’t I??? I used a 1 1/2 or 2″ round cutter, Mindy! Thank you for asking this. xo

  68. oooh, Mama these sound fab. *bookmarked. I love a good cracker, especially a CHEEZY one.

    I snacked on dry cereal a lot as a kid… also graham crackers with peanut butter. frozen grapes. frosting straight from the bowl.

    what IS this news??!?!

    • Knowing your fav kiddie snacks, tomorrow shall please you then :)
      And come on, you didn’t think I was going to spill the beans THAT easily now did you? Just because you bat your eyelashes at me doesn’t mean that you get any info, you tease! :)

  69. i’ve never heard of better cheddars either.. well i grew up in india .. i think i tasted cheese only in undergrad when i started going to the new pizza places in town. and only mozarella. i dint know about all the other cheeses! i think that was good(that i dint eat much cheese):)
    and stop with these pretty crackers already… oh wait i have bob’s gf flour.. but no cheddar.. ahh i will just add nutritional yeast or sthing..
    i made the bread with bob’s gf ap flour.. the blueberry one was more moist and hence the dome fell, but it tasted so much better.. the plain one from yesterday tastes like chickpea flour bread coz of a good amount of that in the bob’s gf flour..
    i need to figure out my own gf bread flour ratios… and i think i am also going to steam the bread before baking too. and try zoe and jeff’s boule :)
    though the slices look all pretty and the bread baked well.. it reminds me of soft dhokla(fermented chickpea flour steamed cakes) , so theres a bit of cognitive dissonance of tastes. i slathered a slice with marmalade to hide the taste and it worked well.

    • No cheese until college??? I actually think this would have been helpful for me growing up :)
      Eeeeeeeew, I cannot make bread with chickpea flour for the very reason you just said. What about a brown rice and sorghum (or millet) mix?

      • i have millet, no sorghum and no starches.. so waiting for some shopping for the next bread experiment.. yesterdays bread is going make some breadcrumbs to make crackers.. ha!
        i saw a gingerbread cookie recipe with only chickpea flour.. i cannot imagine how that would taste….

        • That’s a great idea, really, for the bread from yesterday. I imagine they would make tasty breadcrumbs. I am all for chickpea flour but there are limits in my opinion. I’m slowly moving away from it when making baked goods and venturing off with my own mixes. Kinda over that weird taste/smell, if you know what I mean…

  70. These are cute! I never heard of Better Cheddars. When I was a kid we never got junk food. Like never. But when we were allowed to have it, we usually picked Fritos. Still love ’em. So really snack wise as a kid, I ate a lot of peanut butter sandwiches and cold cereal…

    • If you were to open my pantry as a kid you’d find: doritos, coke, better cheddars, potato chips, fruity pebbles, more coke, ding dongs, frosted donuts… ha. I was a healthy snacker too :)

  71. OOOh yes to what Laurel said about the cheezy crackers spread with PB. I have all the ingredients on hand to make these too, and some PB to boot. Lovely job Cara!!! Fave snack as a kid and we never had them in our house h…Wise Barbeque Potato Chips and they had to be “Wise”.

  72. Yep, definitely adding this one to the recipe pile. Never had Better Cheddars, but when we lived at home, my little brother always used to give me a box of Cheezits for Christmas (don’t know how that tradition got started), and I miss snacking on those cheesy crackers while reading one of the new books I got.

    • HAHA! I love that present idea. How cute is that? You know, I happen to have a Cheez-It recipe up here as well…and let me tell you, you will never know they are made with vegan cheez! They are super good–try them!!

  73. These look SO amazing! I may have to give these a try sometime soon…yum.

  74. Those look really fantastic and delightfully rustic :D. I’ve been meaning to make cheese twists for a while – perhaps I shall tomorrow. In fact! I shall! I think… 😀

  75. Cara, these are awesome! I make gluten-free cheddar goldfish for my kiddos, but I can’t eat them because of the dairy. I’ve been wondering if I could make some with Daiya! Thanks for sharing!! Oh, and I was obsessed with Better Cheddars and Cheez Its!

    • You can definitely make goldfish cracker with Daiya! They taste just as good once you baked them (to me, Daiya has a weird flavor to them without baking). Now I want your recipe please! :)

  76. I don’t remember Better Cheddars but I do remember crackers that looked like those spread with PB which came in packets at the vending machine. I know this is a dumb thing to say but for the newbies out there you might mention they use Cheddar flavored Daiya although some of that Jalapeno flavor might be pretty darned smokin’ too. :-) Great job!

    • Oh, great point Laurel, you show off! hehe. Going to change it now :) Thanks for that. And the shape of these crackers kinda look like Ritz huh? Maybe that will be my next adventure…

      • They do kinda look like Ritz but the crackers I bought, the only crackers I bought from the vending machine, were cheddar crackers with hundred year old dried out PB in them. Or maybe the crackers had just been in there for a hundred years ’cause no one else bought them?

        • Oh I totally know which ones you are talking about.They were usually my “last resort”… Probably because they really did taste like they were 100 years old :) haha

          • I hope you got my e-mail because I just hate repeating myself. :-) Had fun

          • Checking now! Don’t want you to repeat yourself, my sweetness :) I had fun too!! I love you both <3 (hey, where is mu flexing muscle icon???)

  77. yay! you put bugles as the first snack and it was my answer! yay 😉 i don’t *remember* better cheddars, but i remember crackers that looked EXACTLY like the ones you have above, so i do remember eating them- and loving them!

    and i also loved my crackers/chips/etc a little on the burnt side! it was always a score when i found the perfectly burnt cracker or chip in each bag. and since we’re twins..we always fought over it 😉 am i right??

  78. I’m digging these cheese crackers! I’m a sucker for snacking on salthy things especially crackers – I love how you poked holes in all of them too…very impressive and time consuming! What you do for your readers and your blog :) hugs!

    • It’s funny that I think of YOU now everytime I make crackers. haha. And what can I say about the details on the crackers–I’m a giver, Nora. Nothing is too good for my precious readers :)

  79. i’ve never heard of these better cheddar’s you speak of… but these little guys look amazing! so crispy & cheezy and mmmm, i want to eat a big bowl of ’em for breakfast!

    • No? Never? This is a shame! I’m sure they don’t taste that good anymore but they have a special place in my heart. Speaking of big bowls for breakfast, I still have some leftover. I will reserve them for you! :)

  80. I adored Better Cheddars – but to tell you the truth, I’d forgotten they ever existed. But now I’m going to make my own batch of Cara Cheddars and remember the days! Oh, and I love burned stuff, too – though I usually call it deep caramelization :)

    • You are definitely more refined than I am. I go for burnt, you go for the term deep caramelization. Much better, if you ask me! And Cara Cheddars? *snickering* I need to stop labeling titles and just let you guys do it for me. You all are so much more clever, it makes me chuckle!

  81. Those look yummy!

    My favorite snack was Fritos, and I still love them. Actually, there used to be another brand of corn chips that was thick and “ridgy” like potato chips that I adored. Apparently no one else did, since they aren’t made anymore!

    • Hi Robin! I have never heard of those chips (which probably means that I contributed to them not longer being made). Sorry about that :( ha. But they sounded actually cool! Fritos remind me of my dad–he loves those things. I was more of a potato chip kind of gal :)

  82. These look delicious!

    I’m on the edge of my seat over here!!!

    One day I found a stash of Little Debbie Donut Sticks in the cabinet. I was shocked since we weren’t allowed junky treats like that. I mean, we couldn’t even have chocolatey cereals. I learned they were for my dad’s lunches. I was so mad. How come he was allowed to have them and not me? Well, I started taking one from every opened box. I loooooved them. Dense little cakes with sugary frosting.

    • You *should* be on the edge of your seat! Exciting news a’brewing :)
      Anything donut related was the way to my heart as a kid. I used to go to McDonald’s, eat a #2 combo, then run over to the donut shop and buy 2 rainbow sprinkled donuts. Clearly, my eating habits were subpar but those Little Debbie sticks were delicious as well! Greasy. Sugary frosted. Oh man, I’m getting a stomachache just thinking about them…

  83. Love this! And you are not alone I love love love cheddar well all cheese really but especially a good mature cheddar. Photos are great too!

    • Oooooh cheese. I miss cheese–you are making me drool :) Sometimes I think I can handle it and then I am naughty and sneak some in. Bad idea. I pay for it big time! Oh well. Have some mature cheddar in my honor! Thanks, ediblesubstance for stopping by.

  84. eek! You’re leaving us hanging!! 😉 These are beautiful. Even have the nice salt crystals on top.
    My favorites were goldfish and animal crackers… and graham crackers… so hard to pick just one!


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