{Almost} Raw Snickers Bars

The moment you got home right after trick-or-treating was always the highlight of the night, wasn’t it?

Raw Snickers Bars - Fork & Beans

For me, there was no time wasted when I would rush into the living room floor, dump out the sugary loot, and then proceed to divide the candy into 2 piles: the good stash vs. the crappy stuff (which, let’s be honest, was reserved for raisins, Smarties, and anything else not snack-sized candy bars).  I’m not really sure what it is about candy bars that became an obsession for me growing up, but it was definitely there.

Raw Snickers Bars - Fork & Beans

Especially Snickers. Those were the golden children of the stash. They were multi-functional for me: not only were they tasty treats with a salty sweetness that I love so much, but they were also energy boosters, am I right? I had to fish one (or three) out during my trick-or-treating festivities (I mean, come on, I needed energy–that was a lot of walking around!) and I would snack on another one (or several) while counting out my candy (come on, I needed brain power–numbers hurt the mind without chocolate, nougat, and peanuts!). And one wonders why I gained weight as a kid…

Raw Snickers Bars - Fork & Beans

Now if only I had a load of these raw Snickers bad boys in my candy bag! I might have been saved from gaining 10 extra pounds during candy season…

Raw Snickers Bars Recipe

{This recipe is 100% inspired by the genius Isobelle from the former Vgan Jar blog}

{Raw Vegan} Gluten, egg, dairy, refined sugar-free

Makes 16 snack-sized Snickers Bars


For the Nougat filling:

  • 1/2 c. cashews, soaked for 1-2 hours
  • 1/4 c. macadamia nuts, soaked for 1-2 hours
  • 1/4 c. almond or oat flour
  • 1 date, chopped
  • 2 tsp agave
  • 1 tsp coconut oil, melted
  • dash of vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt
  1. Combine everything in a food processor until a smooth dough forms.
  2. With your hands, form the bottom layer for the candy bar. Set on a plate lined with a piece of wax paper.
  3. Refrigerate.

For the Caramel:

  • 12 dates, depitted and chopped
  • 1/3 c. water
  • 6 Tb agave
  • 1 1/2 Tb coconut oil, melted
  1. In a high speed blender, combine all ingredients until completely smooth. Will take about 5 minutes total.


Raw Snickers Bars - Fork & Beans

  1. Combine peanuts and date caramel sauce. Using your hands, place ontop of already formed nougat bottoms.
  2. Freeze for 15 minutes.
  3. Dip each bar into raw chocolate until fully coated. Set back on plate and freeze or chill in the fridge until chocolate has set.
  4. These suckers are melty bad boys so you will want to devour immediately once out of the freezer/fridge.

Raw Snickers Bars - Fork & Beans

This picture creates an automatic Pavlov reaction within me where I find myself licking the imaginary chocolate off of my fingers…

Raw Snickers Bars - Fork & Beans

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  1. Wow what an interesting and original recipe, love it

  2. Wow… these look AMAZING!!!! All of your recipes are so beautiful (not to mention TASTY)! I would love to feature this on my blog’s “Featured Recipes” page, if you don’t mind. I’d write a short intro to your recipe and then link right back to your page. I’ll also Pin your recipe, share it on FB, and send a link to it in my weekly newsletter to my readers. Please check out my site and let me know if you’d be interested. I know my readers would LOVE this recipe. Here’s the page: http://thelittleaussiebakery.wordpress.com/featured-gluten-free-allergy-friendly-easy-quick-recipes/

  3. amy crawford says:

    looks great

  4. amy crawford says:

    please send me emails

  5. Lord, those look delicious. Have to share this story…I’m single and childless so I usually hide out in the back of my house on Halloween. Not that I’m cheap – I just don’t want the temptation of bowls of HFCS candy staring me in the face. My neighbor said she’d bring her kids Trick or Treating about seven and I said, “I don’t *do* Halloween so you might want to skip my house.” About seven, as I was sitting in the dark, the doorbell rang. I went to the door and there was my neighbor with her kids and about a dozen more, all holding up a piece of candy for me. (Now, granted, nobody offered a Snickers…it was all the last choice candy, but still….) I was so charmed by those kids wanting to make a nice Halloween for Mrs. Cranky Pants. Next year, I’ll make a platter of GOOD and good-for-you treats for her kids, thanks to wonderful recipes like this one.

  6. How many does this make??

  7. ahhhh so many choices!!! I’m still trying to figure out what to make first its a bit overwhelming! :S Which snicker recipe do you recommend that I try first? Its so hard to pick…. has anyone on this site tried both of her recipes which one would you recommend to try first and why?
    –Thank you!

  8. Reblogged this on Chen's & Chai and commented:
    Pure awe-maze-ing genius here!

  9. Raw peanuts are not edible. Do you really use raw peanuts in this recipe?

    • Hi Mara! From what I have learned about “raw” peanuts (I have a health store near me that actually sells them), they are not necessarily in their raw state but dehydrated already. Regardless, I myself have not had an actual raw peanut nor did I use them in this recipe, no. I’m lazy. I just use what’s on hand :) ha.

  10. I have to confess: Snickers bars are what’s holding me back from being dairy-free, really. I can say bye-bye to milk in pretty much anything except Snickers. I need to try this. Maybe it will be my answer.

    I dream of Snickers.

    • If you want a simple, less healthy fix on the Snickers craving, Go Max Go makes a Jokerz bar that is a vegan version. It even has rice milk chocolate. I like them better than Snickers! I’d like them even more if they used dark chocolate for the coating. You can get them at co-ops, Whole Foods or online at places like Vegan Essentials.

      • What a great reference (and much easier too, Melissa!), thank you. I will definitely check this out when I am feeling lazy (which happens to be often) :)

  11. These look so good I feel like they’re taunting me.

  12. Reblogged this on deliciouscravings.

  13. Holy, does your genius know no end??? Amazing Cara! I loved snickers when I was younger but haven’t had one in years!

  14. The part after trick-or-treating, where you sort through your candy, was almost as good as trick-or-treating, if not better! I would go out with my cousins and then we would all sit and sort our loot into the good and bad candy. Then we would trade the bad candy, because, as you probably know, one girl’s trash is another girl’s tootsie roll! 😉

    I just can’t get over all of your raw treats! I was always a Three Musketeers girl until my teens, when I became a preferably-Milky-Way-but-I’ll-take-Snickers-too kind of girl. If Snickers looked like this, there probably wouldn’t have been a question as to which bar I preferred!

  15. I haven’t had a Snickers since my kiddie Halloween days! I’m definitely gonna get my hands on these ingredients, ’cause this version looks infinitely more rawesome. Your MOFO posts so far have rawked– looking forward to more of them! 😀

  16. first you make Justins favorite candy treat and then mine – LOVE YOU GIRL! Hahaha my sister and I would run into the livingroom after trick or treating and sort all our candy – mine was always into piles by candy type- snickers, butterfingers, raisinettes(those went to my mom), then my sister and I would trade ….yes snickers were my downfall – these though look a thousand times better!

  17. Dang, these look awesome! You come up with the best ideas, Cara. YUM!

  18. Oh, my gosh!! These look so good! I had to pin them immediately! I totally agree about how underwhelming Smarties were post-trick or treating. They were good for one thing – playing doctor. Whenever someone needed medicine, call in the Smarties. Although, I have to say they were better than Pez. Those didn’t taste like anything. I really think if it weren’t for the cute dispensers, no one would ever buy Pez.

  19. jennnnnnnn says:

    PS I’m a ditz who just said I should ‘bake’ another batch when these require NO BAKING. D’ohhhh. That’s the beauty (and curse of them), they are ready, like zero waiting :)

  20. jennnnnnnn says:

    I made your other Snicker’s bars recipe (which is similar just not as raw I think), and I doubt I’ll ever make them again…BECAUSE I SAT THERE AND ATE THE ENTIRE BATCH ON THE SPOT. But they are a million times better than ‘real’ Snicker’s and now I’m thinking maybe I should bake another batch and then bake them into cookies (my grandma always makes them, but imagine how they’d be with a mini homemade Snicker’s in the middle?? OFF THE ZOMBIE HOOK). <3

    • Is this who I think it is?????? :) And did you just say you were going to bake them into COOKIES? I am hoping that following that sentence, you forgot to write: “and I’m coming to California to hand-delivery a batch to you!”

  21. You are so bloody talented! I’m going back to my coma now.

    • Does your coma happen to be stationed in a coffin? Because I’m kinda liking picturing you stepping back in and covering the lid on top…

  22. These look amazing! I’m afraid to trust myself making them, I think I would eat them all at once! I love your Halloween theme!

    • Hi Sarina! At least if you do devour all of them, you are just eating cashews, raw cacao, coconut oil and a little agave :) Not too shabby for a candy bar binge…xo

  23. wonder why the i-cream-snowglobes have a more silky coat than this one, does it base on the way you cook the chocolate?

    • They look different before the ice cream Snickers are not raw–the chocolate is from vegan chocolate chips, melted with coconut oil. The chocolate here is a 3-ingredient homemade chocolate that is meltier and more fragile :)

  24. Susan Krol says:

    Have I told you lately that you are a rock star? You seriously are an amazing and awesome rock star! xo Susan

  25. Hello! It’s me again- another happy comment that I found your blog- I have been in search of a Vegan snicker version as they were my fav pre Veg, thank you, they look incredible!

  26. i have a feeling your posts are going to get more and more delicious and creepy.. that bird.. acck..

    • HA! This is the second comment about the creepy bird. And here I was, giggling over how cute I thought it was. Note to self: Get creepy meter checked, Cara :)

  27. I love love love these! Wow! :) They look unreal. You are so creative!

    Although…if I may request….no more birds pictures! LOL. They scare the crap out of me. *hah*

  28. WOAH! You are unstoppable! You’ve got me thinking about making some sort of coconut ice-cream with bits of this goodness in it. mmmmmmmmm

  29. My mom had me throw out the wrapped candy and made me eat the unwrapped. Oh wait that was Snow White.
    I am hiding this snicker post from Crazy Boy, he’ll want me t o make these for him everyday. He’ not wrapped either.

  30. Omg thank you!

  31. Your Biggest Fan! says:

    a-huh. You forgot to mention that you were still trick-or-treating in high school! Remember that year we were desparately blowing up balloons to make you a cluster of grapes (with blood dropping off the leaves of course!). I thought I grabbed all your snickers before you could get them all :-) Oh, I miss those days!

  32. Um yes please these look AMAZING Cara, you are a damn genius.
    I am all into Halloween this year, but once again we have no plans and really nowhere to go. I keep hoping something will pop up but usually nothing does and I get all bummed out. Might have to just make something happen this year :)

  33. wow, that seriously makes me want to lick my fingers! soooooo yummy looking. When I was a kid, I used to sneak down the street, under the guise of walking my dog, and buy candy bars from a vending machine for the taxi drivers. So, I share your life-love love of candy bars!

  34. I am loving all your halloween candy recipes. I’m going to make all of them! These look so good!

  35. Have I told you today what a friggin genius you are?!? Oh, btw, check this insanity out: http://www.forksoverknives.com/

    guess who’s on the homepage today!?! Squeeeeee!

  36. Okay I admit it, I am the exact opposite of you and am so not a Halloween person! I am, however, all about Snickers and this is genius – genius! Your best yet! X

  37. Those look amazing!

  38. SAL.I.VAT.ING…..drool, drool, drool. You are AMAZING!

  39. ahh..i was a chubby kid, too. man, i LOVED any and all chocolate candy bars. my favorite were butterfingers and nutrageous(i wonder if they still make that one). oh, and rolos..and anything caramel.

    but snickers have the best of both worlds! pb and chocolate and caramel! these look super delicious and melty! do you use a fork and knife to eat them? 😉

    • I bet you were THE cutest kid too!!! And no, you use your hands so you can go back and lick the chocolate off your fingers (ie: the best part).

  40. No, I could definitely gain ten pounds eating these!

    Peanut butter cups were the most hotly contested trick or treat candies in my house growing up– which is funny because I can take or leave chocolate and pb together as an adult.

    • But maybe if we pretend that because they are healthy, they won’t cause a buldge in the waistline, then they really *won’t*… Hey, a girl can dream! xo

  41. Jeepers – I can’t think of anything I’d like to do more right now then to devour one (or 20) of these!

  42. Heaven. Pure heaven!!! I think a version of these will need to be my Halloween treat this year!!

  43. Dang, I’m drooling just looking at these. Snickers really were the best, and I remember bargaining with my brother trying to trade my crappy candy for more of his good stuff. 😛

  44. You are my hero.

  45. My Dad would always eat all of my snickers. I was the weird kid who liked the smarties. I did, however, like the rest of the candy. Heck, I liked it all! Even the raisins! This post has made me so hungry!!!

  46. There is an amazing amount of yucky Halloween candy out there. Not sure what that’s about. Extremely hard pink gum that tastes good for two seconds and then immediately tastes like rotten socks. Taffies, hard candies, and basically anything that’s not candy corn, tootsie rolls, and fun size candy bars. And these bars look pretty darn fun!

  47. Pinning this! Lol. Wow. Im just really in awe. A snickers I can eat and not feel bad about or get sick over!

    I will be making these for sure and definitely have a tray so that my son and I can indulge post trick or treat :) I wonder if they ll win my gluten eating hubby over :):);)

  48. These look incredible, but entirely too complicated for me. That means you need to start a delivery service STAT. While you’re getting on that, I’ll add that Snickers were a good find when I was younger, but I also liked Baby Ruth and the boxes of Milk Duds (despite the fact there were only like three Milk Duds in there.)

    I actually wasn’t into candy that much though (gasp) so I tried to leverage trades for other things like doing my chores or whatever. I wasn’t that successful.

  49. As a kid, I would trade out the snickers for stuff I actually liked. And I was ok with the smarties – they were better than that nasty hard candy with the gum inside! (Un)fortunately, my college roommate corrected my aversion to snickers so I could be a *little* more normal.

  50. I will add these to my “dangerous recipes” file. Spoon lickin’….soul filling….addiction causing…GoOD


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