Easy Homemade Chipwiches

Yesterday I spent my morning at a local coffee shop, reading and sipping my favorite caffeinated beverage.  Okay, that was a long, round-about way to describe coffee. So there I was, drinking coffee when an older man approached me where I was sitting. As he stood above me he explained to me that he had been observing me and how he thought I had such an elegant look about me. And with that, he walked away. Apparently he just wanted me to be aware of it.

No bake, easy to assemble gluten free Chipwiches made with Enjoy Life cookies.

Elegant has never been a term used to describe me, so I thought it must have been the gold bangle I was wearing that set off a sense of class. However he *did* say that his profession involves him to be a good observer so maybe he really does know what he’s talking about. As I sat there feeling a little elegantly puffed up, I smiled to myself (you know, in an elegant sort of way) and brought my mug of coffee to my mouth with my elegant fingers. I could get used to this. Maybe I really am elegant. Maybe there is an elegance underneathe me that I never took notice of before. Maybe it’s time to start seeing myself as so. Then, it happened…

No bake, easy to assemble gluten free Chipwiches made with Enjoy Life cookies.

I went to stand up but was unaware that the lamp hanging down from the ceiling was dangling lower than expected and bam! I totally hit the top of my head on it. Hard. Oh Life, you have a way of humbling me. Immediately.

No bake, easy to assemble gluten free Chipwiches made with Enjoy Life cookies.

Homemade “Chipwich” Recipe

Gluten, egg, and dairy-free

Makes 1 cookie sandwich


  • 2 Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip cookies
  • 1/3 c. non-dairy vanilla ice cream (I used Trader Joe’s vanilla soy)
  • 2 Tbs. Enjoy Life Chocolate chips


  1. Scoop out ice cream and place in the center of 1 cookie. Taking the other cookie, sandwich on top.
  2. Very gently push together just to make the ice cream come out to the edges and smooth out sides with the back of a spoon.
  3. Freeze for 5 minutes.
  4. Roll the sides in chocolate chips and freeze again for 10 minutes or until set.

No bake, easy to assemble gluten free Chipwiches made with Enjoy Life cookies.


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  1. I would love to win some of those cookies. I’m trying to move into a gluten free diet myself.

  2. Carey Ann says:

    These look so delicious! And they look elegant too! =D

  3. You’re putting ideas in my head, which amply demonstrates that your blog belongs on the must-read list. Are Canadians qualified for free cookies, too?

  4. These look AMAZING! Thanks for charing. Where can I get the cookies?

  5. Looks wonderful!!!

  6. honestly, 3 of my favorite things put together into 1 of my favorite things ever- cookies, ice cream, and sandwiches. sigggghhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. Guuurrrrl, that looks tasty!!!!!

  8. Wow! These look delicious. ~ judy

  9. Danielle says:

    Free cookies would be nice! I definitely want to make these sometime in the near future :)

  10. I will be making these tonight!!

  11. Haha I enjoyed the story. I used to work at IKEA and their cafetaria had these lampshades with SPIKES on them hanging above the tables. Life-threathening, I tell you.

  12. Your story made me smile. You are elegant, it was the lamp that jumped out at you, totally envious of your elegance. Gonna try these chipwhiches.

  13. I want free cookies!

  14. mmm. These look really tasty. I might need to make these very soon.

  15. Thanks for the chuckle. I could SO see something like that humbling me (not that ANYbody would mistakenly think I was elegant – lol) These sandwiches sound marvelous. And after last night’s failed gluten-free birthday cake, perhaps this should be the next dessert I try. Fail proof!

    • That is what threw me off–elegant is NEVER a word that has been used for me. Maybe that is why I bumped my head. I was recovering from being called such a thing :)
      Sending you tissues and giggles to get through the cake escapade. I cannot begin to tell you how MANY of those fails that I have had!!

  16. agathagertrude says:

    Why does this story sound exactly like something I’d do? If anyone called me elegant, that is. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Oh, but you are elegant Cara! In every way. No matter how many bumps and bruises, you’ll always be elegant.
    I had no idea Enjoy Life made chocolate chip cookies! What the! Why am I always out of the loop?

    Also – did you use a different camera for these photos? Or buy a new lens? Maybe it’s just me, or maybe I think I’m just a know it all about cameras and I see a slight change (i’m really not a know it all about cameras. I pretty much just learn as I go, like everyone else). But anywhoo, I loveee this photos! They look like they should be used for an Enjoy Life advertisement.

    • You ARE a camera expert because YES I did get a new camera! I finally decided to do away with the point-and-shoot and actually get a “real” one :) Thanks for noticing, Izzy. Aren’t you just sweet?!! <–Yes you are, as a matter of fact!

      And no, I am not elegant. I proved it in so many ways in this post :)

      • NEAT!!! I bet you’ll have tons of fun with that new camera – it takes awesome photos!

        Oh, and also – could you email me your new mailing address please!? :)

  18. shannonroche says:

    Oh yum. I really love Enjoy Life. Their mini chips are the best!

    • They are, aren’t they??? I’ve had regular ol’ vegan choco chips and I don’t know what it is, but I go back to Enjoy Life always. They are superior in my opinion.

  19. Rebecca says:

    Mmmmm i’ve never had these cookies before, but i always eye them at the grocery store! I would love to try these :)

  20. Once I was at a formal ball… ya know full on dress, gloves, hair all fancy and the like…. my “date” spilled a whole glass of red wine down my dress. Then my friend decided to pour a whole glass of white wine OVER the red cos it apparently would stop the red from staining. I STANK and was soaking all night. So glam.

    • It sounds like the both of us would be fun at an event :) You, with your stained gown and me with the bruises from running into the walls. I think we should give it a go!

  21. YUMMMMM! these make me think of the Tollhouse Premium Cookie Sandwiches I used to get at the snack bar at the pool every summer growing up…ah the memories. Thanks for the recipe! I can’t wait to try — a blast from the past!

  22. Erin Lane says:

    These sandwich cookie ice creams were my fave as a kid. Thanks for the “elegant” recipe. Now on to winning some cookies!

  23. I am sure you elegantly whacked your head on that lamp- even more sure it was done no less, with grace :)

    It is so nice when complete strangers pay others a compliment like the one you received – I love thoughtful people.

    Pretty sure that Chipwhich needs to be in my mouth right now.

  24. Even extremely elegant people need to keep a sense of humility. :) Perhaps the next person to discover you will be a Hollywood agent, casting for her next film. In that case, be sure to wait until she leaves with your contact info before smashing into anything. Timing is everything.

    This is a recipe I can sink my gluten-free teeth into — so fast and easy but impressive. I like it.

    • HA!! Thank you for the laugh Andrea :) I will heed your advice if I am ever presenting with that scenario, however, I cannot control my impulses to run into things. Hopefully my new agent will find that endearing… xo!

  25. Oh my gosh, Cara those look amazing! I’ve been wanting to try the Enjoy Life cookies for a while! Especially the chocolate chip :)

  26. I want to win and make these!

  27. Oh no! Haha – that sort of thing happens to me all the time (not men telling me how ellegant I look, I mean the universe telling me how wrong I am) 😛

    Also – these look great (and easy) and great! Heheh – new camera? The pics are fabulous! :)

    • New camera, yes! So excited.
      And believe me, that was the first time I was ever called elegant. Who am I to argue though, right? Wait a minute, I think I answered the question the moment I banged my head.

  28. Katie Davis says:

    I would love to win these! Consider my ballot cast for delicious GF snickety-snacks!
    And I hope your bruised ego heals just as quickly as your noggin. :)

  29. amy marantino says:

    i would love to win; these look fantastic

  30. Your biggest fan! says:

    Okay, now that I’ve quit laughing and can see to type this…the guy who’d been observing clearly saw a beautiful, confident, elegant lady and took it upon himself to say it. I’ll bet that felt great! What a thoughful thing to do. Had you not busted your nogin so unelegantly, you could have dined out on that for a week! Huh? Am I right? Of course! You ARE too feminine for your own good Hee! Hee!
    The guy who commented about your toes…now, he ‘s the perv! :-)
    And these chipwiches…YUM!

    • Isn’t that just like me??! Keeps me grounded. It’s definitely been an interesting month, that is for sure. I’m not complaining–it does feel rather nice :) A girl could used to it. Just saying.

  31. Gotta love lamps and when they bring you right back to reality! Haha I can relate. But anywho these look delish. Although what doesn’t when it includes cookies chocolate and ice cream? 😉

  32. Hahaha oh life is a funny thing indeed…anyway these look delish! I love the double chocolate ones!

    • I have an unopened box of double chocolate in my pantry. I know, can you believe that? I have been so fixated on the chocolate chip cookies to make these chipwiches that I haven’t gone further than that. If you win, you must tell me how they are :)

  33. 1) It might have been a little weird if you were sitting in your local coffee shop drinking Red Bull. But also a little awesome. 2) At least you just banged your graceful head on the lamp and didn’t pour coffee all over your graceful shirt because the banging the head thing is a brief moment. The coffeeshirt is all day. I’m a coffeshirt kinda gal. 3) Ice cream sandwiches. Mmmmm… 4) I’m also an icecreamshirt kinda gal.

    • You weren’t there yesterday at lunch when I got beans in my armpit. Don’t ask how it got there. I have no idea. So as you can see, coffeeshirt is my sort of thing as well :)

  34. I have tried the Enjoy Life chocolate chips and love them! Haven’t tried their cookies yet but would love to and especially with your recipe here. Looks delicious!

    • They are, hands down, the best company out there for gluten and dairy-free products, in my opinion. Hoping you win so you can make these. Mmmmm, thinking I want one right now at 8 in the morning :)

  35. love the new camera! those chipwiches are looking all 3 d and calling out my name.. i think they are pretty much calling out everyones name!
    maybe he knew that you have all that elegant namastasty in u!;)

    • btw.. if you could, pretty please share the auction with your wonderful readers!:) 4 more days to go! there are some awesome things like cadry’s handmade bowl and Kris’s Salt scrub up for bids!

    • I love the new camera too! I am so excited about it, I can hardly contain myself. So *that* is what all the fuss is about when you actually can take clear, quality pictures.
      HAHA. The namastasty in me. Hahaha. Must be that, good point :)

      • i process my pictures a lot.. esp for lighting.. i need a newer camera and also learn the controls more religiously so the pictures dont need the editing(how i wish). Thanks a sweet bunches for sharing!

  36. I want to make these easy homemade chipwiches with all four of the cookies – so I thought I should try and win these …

  37. Allison says:

    Love those enjoy life cookies! And you’re awesome!

  38. This is absolutely something that would happen to me! What’s that dear sir? You think I’m elegant…then I would smile at him and there would be a large piece of spinach hanging about in my teeth, which I of course would only discover hours later. At which point I would think back to the moment the man left and say “Ohhhhh, that’s why there was that awkward silence”

    Love your blog! So happy to have discovered it!

    • Okay Suzanne, you just made me laugh so hard picturing that scenario!!! hahaha. Still laughing.
      So happy you found the blog too. I expect more comments from you like this :) <–no pressure

  39. I do believe that there is a simple elegance to being a klutz. Or at least I tell myself that. Ha. Um will they ship 10 boxes of these to me in Whistler Canada? And while they’re at it they can send some Trader Joe’s ice cream too. We don’t have that stuff.

  40. i’m elegant too. so elegant in fact that i predict that on my first bite of a chipwich, i would promptly squeeze too hard {with my strong yet elegant fingers}, and the ice cream filling would end up in my lap. that’s my prediction at least… not that anything of the like has ever happened to me…ahem.

  41. Now THIS is a dessert I’d have time to make, if only I had the Enjoy Life cookies to start with… Thanks Kara for such a great blog!

    • Well, hopefully it’s your lucky week, Sophia! Thank YOU for such a kind thing to say. I really appreciate the comment, xo

  42. I am a HUGE fan of cookies, so it would be GREAT to win this giveaway!!!

  43. did you ever watch Seinfeld? Elaine was interviewing with a publishing house, she had a scarf wrapped around her and the interviewer was talking about Jackie (Kennedy) Onassis, who used to work there… the conversation moved on to how much GRACE Jackie O had, and Elaine was asking, “don’t I have a little bit of grace?”


    I love these cookies – so crunchy, so good.

    • also? when moving out of the old house – Jason, me, my brother, the movers – ALL of us hit our heads on the chandelier. many times.

      • I have no grace. not even a little.

      • I love Seinfeld. Then again, this should not surprise you. That reference made me laugh. Now I want to eat my candy bars with a fork and knife for some reason…
        And at least everyone hit their heads, you know? That makes it even funnier that you all took your turn :)

  44. ROFL! Oh god! I’m dying laughing!

    (Meanwhile, I’m chatting with a good friend I made in similar bumbling fashion – the morning after during my attempt at a stealthy exit I lost my glasses [under the bed] and lost my car [still not sure how it got there] and had to wake ‘im up to help me find both. Which lead to conversations, farewells, and exchange of digits. Voila! Friends!) Oh life. How lifey you are.

  45. mmm, so simple and so yum

    • I think that is my favorite part about these chipwiches–they are THE easiest things to assemble but THE tastiest too!

  46. ammauceri says:

    These look amazing!! I wish I had one in my hand right now. :) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  47. ammauceri says:

    These look AMAZING!! I wish I had one in my hand right now. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  48. I am sure you “bunked” your head gracefully. It was the lamps fault. Perhaps a lightbulb went on for you to come up with these super cute and fast chipwiches. I want to win. I want to win :)

    • I tried my best to play it off as if it didn’t happen and pray no one saw. But then I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and shake my head.
      Hoping you win, GiGi!!

  49. Marjorie says:

    I’m going to try this with So Delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream! :)
    Enjoying your blog Cara! You’re so cool!

  50. You know, you’re a tease. Here I thought you were going to grace us with a fabulous chocolate chip cookie recipe and an ice cream recipe. Ah well, a giveaway is almost as good. 😉

    • More like lazy, Deanna! Sometimes you just have to let the big dogs do all of the work while you benefit from them, you know what I mean? :)

  51. Did the old man get to see you so gracefully hit your head, or was he gone by then? I’m hoping for the latter! Life has a way of forcing us to get real with ourselves, doesn’t it? Anyway, that’s the beauty of you – elegant and down to earth! :)

    • He was gone by then. But everyone else around enjoyed the show, I’m sure. ha. It definitely took me out of my “Oooh, look at me, I’m so elegant that strangers come up to me and tell me” cloud. I don’t think I will be revisiting that place for a while… xo

  52. I am so clumsy! Constantly walking into things, falling all over myself. That’s the best when someone pays you a compliment and then you do something totally silly like smack your head. Humbling indeed. :)

  53. Oh, too funny. That definitely sounds like something I would do! Chipwiches look delicious too!

  54. These got me GOOD! Now I’m hungry for ice cream at 8:30 in the morning…although I think I might try them with some Coconut Bliss or So Delicious Coconut! Hope to get my hands on some of those tasty looking cookies for the outer shell :)

  55. I love chipwiches. I also have an elegant way about me. It shows in the way I trip over my own feet, hit my head on the car, cabinet (what have you) door and by every flying object in the area meeting my cranium. I knew all those concussions would win me SOMETHING! I DO win don’t I? Don’t be silly. Of course, you’re elegant not to mention elegantly distracted. Charlie Chaplin would be proud. 😀

    • Big winner, right here folks! You won Laurel–for being the most supportive, loving person ever. You win a free box of love from me. No, scratch that. A lifetime supply of love from me. How’s *that* for being a winner? Here’s to us 2 elegant ladies (and Charlie).

      • Aw. The same to you, but you knew that. Know this also, that man would not have taken the trouble to come up to you and give you such a beautiful compliment unless he meant it. Take it to heart because you are beautiful and elegant, inside and out. An ill placed light fixture does not signify the contrary. xoxo

        • Oh Laurel, you always say THE nicest things. Don’t stop either!! I’m not objecting :) haha. THANK YOU always. For reals. xo

  56. Dude, that old man was totally perving on you because you are a hottie! His pickup line rules! The story of the lamp: classic, you klutzy elegant thang. That would totally happen to me! I can’t count the number of times I trip on invisible specs of dust, fall when running, slip down my stairs, slam the door on my hand. Ha Ha! It’s the best.

    Oh and vegan pre-made GF cookies?!? Need to get myself some of those! I tried to make some (just from a packet) last night, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to veganize gluten free variety cookies. They turned out crumbly, bitter and gross. Totally inedible. Blast you EnerG egg replacer! So, no, I’m not sending them to you in the mail.

    Put some lavender and frankincense on that goose egg on your head. It will reduce the inflammation you glorious putz.

    • It’s funny how that can just make your day–a compliment from a complete stranger, regardless if he’s a perv or not. Well no, that’s not true, what am I saying. If he’s a total perv well then, that’s just creepy. In fact, that same day, another guy told me I had nice toes. Altough he wasn’t saying it to me, he was accidentally saying it out loud as he let me walk through the door as he opened it. That was gross. That creeped me out. I ran fast from that one.

      That’s disgusting about the cookies. Veganizing GF items can be so fickle, it’s annoying at times! Hopefully you will win these premade cookies. You could sandwich them between a Dr. Praeger’s :)

      • Look at you giving off hotness vibes! Ya, complete strangers who compliment on toes either have kinky foot fetish desires, or are just downright pervy. Every once in a while it does feel good to get a compliment or a once over just so you know you still got it 😉 I totally get that. I had a dude check me out in a store about a month ago and while a little disgusted out and wanted to give him a wedgie, I was also a little flattered. Funny how that goes! Then he started following me (and my children) through the store. Downright creepy and scary.

        Dr. Praeger Chipwiches…. Gross dude, just gross. Maybe if we put hummus and pickles on it too……?

        • I’m giving some kind of vibes off, that’s for sure. That is not even 1/2 of the stories from that day. It’s bizarre Somer–I’m not sure what is being put into the air but men are responding in a way I have never experienced. I’m not trying either. Very new and very strange but also flattering, like you said.
          Creepy story about the dude following you. Maybe he has a mom fetish :)

  57. Being newly diagnosed with gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance I am just learning what brands are good and which to pass up on. i have tried the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips but have not tried the cookies yet. Would love to entered in the giveaway for these!
    Thanks and also thanks for this amazing blog suggested to me by a friend!

    • That is the fun part of a new diagnosis, isn’t it? Well, it’s rather costly actually but there is fun in it too…
      This giveaway is perfect for you! I’m a huge Enjoy Life fan so I will keep my fingers crossed that you win. Big hugs to you–happy that you like Fork and Beans. xoxo

  58. i have tried the Enjoy Life Chocolate chips but never the cookies! But they sound amazing!!!

    • They really *are* good! Enjoy Life is one of my favorie gluten and dairy-free products out there. Finally, a gf cookie that tastes good! Hope you get to try them!

  59. What a nice man! And I am sure that just made your day!! My mom has been stopped many times by men and women alike randomly saying things to her like, “you are so beautiful” and “your hair is gorgeous!”

    • Wow, your mom must be a hottie! :) It really was a nice thing for this man to say, I will admit. Something so simple like that can brighten someone’s day. It did for me until I hit my head on the lamp :) ha!

  60. Ha. Ha. Love that story. The chipwiches look pretty amazing, too.

  61. I don’t want to be entered in the giveaway or anything, but I just wanted to let you know that I once stood on a bed–forgetting the ceiling fan was on–and was quickly knocked onto my ass to the floor. Clearly I am elegant as well…

    • Oh, how I wish I was there to witness that! I would have laughed so hard that I literally would have peed my pants. So there we would lay: wet pants and McBumpster. hahaha

  62. ahh..you are so very elegant. i imagine you with your gold bangle, sipping your coffee, your lovely golden hair laying so perfectly.

    and these sandwiches! so easy and that’s just the way i like it!

    those cookies look right up dayv’s alley 😉

    • Oh Caitlin, I cannot wait to finally visit. You will never be using “hair” and “perfect” to describe me in a sentence after that :) But thank you for invisioning me like it. A girl to get used to being seen like that… ha!

  63. Hahaha your story sounds EXACTLY like me. I am forever making a fool of myself by walking into things, bashing my head or tripping over nothing. Life likes to play jokes on me too 😉

    What a nice compliment from that man though! I would totally be riding high on that too!

    Yay for cookies :)

    • I once heard that people who are more clumsy than normal are like that due to the extra estrogen running in their bodies. Not sure if it’s true or now but I like that theory because now anytime someone asks us why we are such klutzes, we can simply say it’s because we are too feminine for our own good :)

  64. As I read this last post I laughed out loud and then, ever so elegantly, I snorted! Thanks Cara! I needed that.

  65. That sounds like the way I’d describe coffee. My intelligence is clearly rubbing off on you. Haha, if only I had enough. By the way, I’m forever sitting in coffee shops and reading. I expect to win this competition by the way… Also, funny story – I think that man’s profession was ‘pervert’. You have to observe to be a pervert right? Then again, you don’t usually get paid for it.

  66. Aw bless u! I once went to a jazz night and felt so grown up in my nice dress sipping red wine. The man hosting chose me from the audience to announce a winner for that nights competition and I was so chuffed. I walked over as elegantly as I could and on my way back I tripped….literally flying!!! and spent the rest of the night hiding haha! I think one of those choc chip sandwiches would have cheered me right up! :) x x x

    • This is why I like you! That is so something I would have done, except I would have spent the rest of the night asking everyone if they saw how far I fell. Then I would demand a high five :)

  67. Wow, this looks soo delicious! Thanks for sharing! =)

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